Three recordings of
Julia Delaney’s
The Morning Dew

Julia Delaney’s (reel) is also known as Glencar, Julia Delaney, Julia Delany’s, Julie Delaney’s, Julie Delany’s, La Sorcière, Le Reel Des Sorcières, Lonesome, Maude Millar’s Highland, Maude Millar’s Highland Fling, Reel De La Sorciere, Reel Des Sorcières.

The Morning Dew (reel) is also known as Drúcht Na Maidne, Giorria Sa BhFraoch, The Hare Among The Heather, The Hare In The Heather, Sundew.

Drink The Night Away by Blackbeers

  1. Kildevil
  2. The Morning Dew
  3. Julia Delaney

Field Session, Volume 4 by Field Irish Music Club

  1. Julia Delaney’s
  2. The Morning Dew
  3. Jenny’s Chichens

Soltré by Soltré

  1. Julia Delaney
  2. The Morning Dew
  3. Kiss Me Kate