Fetlars Topp jig

Also known as Apo Fetlar Top, Pa Fetlar’s Top, På Fetlars Topp, The Top Of Fetlar.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fetlars Topp
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emix
~E3 EGA|Bed cBA|cAe aeb|aed cBA|
E3 EGA|Bed cBA|cAd ecA|1 B3 BGF:|2 B3 B2B||
|:efg gea|gec Bed|cea aeb|aed cBA|
B2e gea|~g3 efg|a2f gag|1 fec Bcd:|2 fec BGF||

Four comments

About ‘Fetlars topp’

I accedently made this tune after coming home from a tour on Shetland recently with my band Geitungen… One of the big moments took place on the Island Fetlar, where we also tryed to get to the highest point of the Island to get a good view. But some birds came diving at us so we had to turn back…

Vidar S. B. Skrede

Ah! Fetlar, a lovely small island I visited at 16 in 1965-it was unspoilt, North Sea oil was about to be found and to change the isolation.
I mean:-
An island ferry 3 times a week from Lerwick.A Fetlar boat meets it, you throw down your suitcase and jump in! If there are cattle or a car they tie 2 boats .
If you want a joint for Sunday lunch you phone the butcher by Thursday.
No shops, pubs, hotels etc. Only one place to stay-Mimie Hughson’s B&B.Lobster fishing with her husband.
And those birds do dive at you & scare the life… Skuas have a big wing span and let you know if you’re near a nest.
At a local get-together they asked me for some music from London.Unfortunately “My Ol Mans a Dustman” is about as traditional as it gets here in London’s East End.

Never got to Fetlar tho’ I was in Shetland in the 80’s. I met a birder who’d journeyed there to see the famous Snowy Owl(s) that visited that island. When he got to Fetlar, he was told the owl had just gone to Unst; he went as soon as he could to Unst, and found it had just gone back to Fetlar, and so on - he never saw it, that trip anyway.
I don’t care for the great skuas. Nature entitles them to be repulsive and frightening, but on top of that they rob or chomp every other life-form
around, it would seem - there would seem to be a case for culling a lot of them out. I did make constructive use of a colony of arctic terns: Some people I was working with wanted a morning wake-up call, so I went with my tape-recorder into the colony and recorded the continuous screeching of the birds. Come morning, I played it full blast to the sleeping beauties; they were not best pleased, but it was at least in a sense what they’d asked for. -Not relevant to the tune, but I just couldn’t resist getting this story in!