Michael Dunne’s jig

Also known as Michael Dunn’s, Michael Joseph Dunne’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Michael Dunne's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|d2 A fAA|d2 f agf|e2 B dcB|Ac/d/e fae|
dAA fAA|dAf a2 f|g2 e fed|ecA d2:|
AFF G2 E|FGA d2 f|gfe f2 d|ec/B/A d2:|
|:e|dAd =c3|BAG F2 E|DFF GFG|=C2 E FGA|
df/e/d c3|BAG A2 f|g2 e fed|ecA d2:|

Four comments

“Michael Dunne’s Jig” ~ an appreciation of the fiddler by Roisin Beadle

I’ve only gotten this tune handed down to me over time, and there may be some unscheduled changes in it due to my influences working on it. I haven’t managed to get more about the composer except that both names mentioned above pull a bow, and have done so on occassion together. I believe that this is one of two tunes written for Michael and presented to him on his 80th birthday. I also think that Roisin may be a member here at TheSesh ~ so ~ apologies if I got anything screwed up Roisin. I waited for ‘years’ and this hasn’t shown yet. I even asked fiddler Dunne to get you to post it so others could enjoy your tune, but still nothing.

If I did screw it up in any way, I hope you’ll add any take you have on it, your way with it, here in the comments. I have found myself more often than not playing it as a 2-part tune, just the A & B-parts, but know it was written as a 3-part tune, and hopefully I’ve gotten close to the original intent, with some variations worked in, for example the choice on a beat to play either dAA or d2 A, fAA or f2 A, etc… I hope I’ve done it some justice…

Both musicians are currently from Lancashire, but Michael originally hails from the County Westmeath where he worked at, among other things, as a farm hand… He is now a widower and has seven children and many grandchildren, all of whom he is very pround and full of love for. The fiddle and the music are his best friends and keep him in good company whether happy or sad…

There is another way I’ve played this too ~ AABC…

“Michael Dunn’s Jig”

Not as I’d previously had it, with an ‘e’ at the end of the two n’s… That’s the result of too much time spent reading the metaphysical poets ~ especially John Dunne & George Herbert… 😎

Some transcriptions from the fiddling of Michael Dunn, Lancashire

“The Rambling Pitchfork”
Submitted on May 25th 2001 by Jeremy.

“Saddle the Pony”
Submitted on October 4th 2001 by Jdharv.

“The Hare in the Corn”
Also known as Hare In The Corn, Rath Amhain, Rathawaun…
Submitted on June 9th 2003 by JMH.

“The Mug of Brown Ale” / “Old Man Dillon” / “Old Man Dillon’s”
Also known as John Naughton’s, Mug Of Brown Ale…
Submitted on November 29th 2003 by Jim Stetson.

~ more to follow, hopefully…