Lick The Ladle Susan reel

Also known as The Irish Hautboy, Lisdoonvarna, The Lisdoonvarna, Susan Lick The LAdle.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lick The Ladle Susan
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
g2 (3ggg e2d2|eaab aged|Bdef gedB|ABAF G2G2:|

Seven comments

The High B

My ABC error… the high b in the second part was supposed to be a low B.

I ‘m surprised

Im surprised that the duplicate police haven’t pulled me over on this one, but I just had to post this because In my opinion the American version(posted here) is a bit more melodious than the Irish versions especially on the B part. Makes a nice slow reel and can be good with a little scotch snap.

"The Lisdoonvarna" / "Lick the Ladle Susan" / "Susan Lick the Ladle"

Submitted on June 7th 2004 by jdave.

"~ and can be good with a little Scotch", hell, anything can be good with a little Scotch…


What police? 😏 ~ The two B-parts are quite different, but I can’t say I prefer one over the other… I’m just surprised you didn’t add the link to the t’other…

We were here all the time lurking, billy clubs out and slapping our palms with them just building up the sweat to pounce…

Is that B in the 2nd to last bar supposed to be high?


I thought I added the link, but I guess I didnt….
The B in the 2nd part was not intended to be high.(but i like it high) It is a nice B part…

and that B part mainly comes from a fiddler named Frank Lowry, born in 1867 from Southwestern Pennsylvania. The tune was transcribed from his playing in 1944. Another name for it in that region was "The Girl That Looks So Clever O!" It also seems to be related to the popular American fiddle tune "Sandy River Belles."

Alternate ending

Alternate ending to last phrase that I use…