Clifton Zephyr waltz

Also known as 8 Candles And A Christmas Tree, Eight Candles And A Christmas Tree.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Clifton Zephyr
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|:"G"B4 D2|"D"A4 D2|"Emin"G3 FED|"C"E3 GFE|
"G/B"D2 G2 "D"A2|"G"c2 B3 G|"C"E2 c3 B|"D"A2 DEFA|
"G"B3 GcB|"D"A4 GF|"C"EG2 GFE|"G"D2 B,3 G,|
"Amin"A,2 c2 c/d/e|"G"dB3 GD|"G/D"B3 c"D"AF|1 "G"G4 D2:|2 "G"G3 DGB||
|:"Bmin"d2 d3 e|"C"dB A2 G2|"Amin"c2cdcB|"D"A3 BGF|
"Emin"E2 G3 "D"A|"G"AB D2 GA|"Emin"B3 G"C"cB|"D"A3 DGA|
"G"B3 GcB|"D"B2 A2 GF|"Emin"G3 AF/E/D|"C"E3 GFE|
"G"DG2 ABd|"C"dcE3 D|"G/D"B3 c"D"AF|1 "G"G3 FGB:|2 "G"G4||

One comment

8 Candles and a Christmas Tree

Recorded by The Beggar Boys on their album “The Darkest Midnight: A Celtic Nativity” The tune was written by Henry Lebedinsky and called Clifton Zephyr.