Two recordings of
Echoes Of Killarney
At The Bend In The Road

Echoes Of Killarney (slide) is also known as Art O’Keeffe’s, The Drake, Is Leir Dom Intinn Cheataí, Maggie In The Woods, Well I Know What Kitty Wants.

At The Bend In The Road (slide) is also known as An TAth Pat Ahern, Patneen’s.

Beyond the Watery Lane by Loretta Egan Murphy and John Brennan

  1. At The Bend In The Road
  2. Echoes Of Killarney
  3. Bridgie Murphy

Plancstaí Baile na bPoc by Máire and Séamus Ó Beaglaoich

  1. An tAth Pat Aherne
  2. Dálaigh
  3. Is Leir Dom Intinn Cheataí