The Beauties Of Ireland jig

Also known as Ailne Na H-Eireann, Beauties Of Eire, The Beauties Of Eire, Beauties Of Eireann, The Beauties Of Eireann, Beauties Of Erin, The Beauties Of Erin, Irish Lasses, The Irish Lasses.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Beauties Of Ireland
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F2D DD/D/D|AFD DFA|Bcd edc|1 d2B A2G:|2 d3 d2e||
|:f2d def|gbg faf|ecA AB/c/d|ecA Ace|
f2d def|gbg faf|ecA Ace|1 d3 d2e:|2 d2B A2G||
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X: 2
T: The Beauties Of Ireland
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
BGG GAB|cec B/c/dB|AFD DE/F/G|AFd ABc|
BGG GG/A/B|cee Bdd|AFd cAF|GB/A/G G2:|

Fifteen comments

I think this is probably a single jig rather than a double jig or slide, but single jig wasn’t an option and it’s closer to a double jig than slide. From Brian McNamara’s ‘Piper’s Dream’ album.

I was surprised it wasn’t here already but I did several searches which showed up nothing, so apologies if it’s already submitted.

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It’s a bit hard to tell between a single and double when there’s jsut as many NNN as N2N patterns isn’t it? Those |d3 d3| part endings tend to suggest single jig to me, but then I’m pretty sure I’ve come across doubles with those part endings too.

Tize, you’ll go far with considerate submissions. At least you looked first. See, even Dow is being kind… I bet he’d even welcome you into his little session in Sydney, exclusively for considerate sessioneers like hisself… 😉

Yeah, it can be tricky. I think the thing that suggests single jig to me is, as well as the d3 d3 endings, the crotchet quaver patterns in the first time bar of the first part and second time bar of the second part. They definitely lend themselves to more of a single jig than double jig feel. It doesn’t really matter anyway, it’d be notated the same way either way! 🙂

There’re quite a few jigs on that album of McNamara’s that feel like single jigs to me, but could really be either single or double, so maybe it’s just a Leitrim thing?! ;)

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Wow! Tize ~ you’s even put spaces either side of the bar line. Now you definitely have an open invitation…

Nice tune and nice transcription…

Tize, this is, like a number of melodies, one of those that could be swung either way, single or double, but not as a slide, it lacks a clear 12/8 phrasing…. I’ve tried it both ways and it is lovely however you take it… Thanks for adding it here…

“The Beauties of Ireland” / “Ailne Na h-Eireann” ~ eating my words

It seems O’Niell has it very much in a slide way. Here is a transcript from “Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems”, 1907

K: D Major
|: G |
F2D DFD DFD DFD |1 Bcd edc d2 B A2 :|
2 Bcd edc d3 d2 ||
|: A |
f2 d def gag fgf | ecA AcA ecA AcA |
f2 d def gbg faf |1 ecA ABc d3 d2 :|
2 ecA ABc d2 B A2 ||

Hehe, thanks ceolachan… see I knew there was an easier way into this music craic than the playing…!

I would have put ornamentation in but personally I don’t like to see that too much in transcriptions which are for the sake of other people to learn a tune (as opposed than for recording a specific setting or person’s playing). For me ornamentation’s such a personal and stylistic thing that I like it to be left up to the individual… I never play a tune the same way twice so I’m not about to try and give someone a definitive setting! Having said that, I do like it when it’s added as a comment in this section, it’s nice to know how the source ornaments a tune.

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You are wise and ever growing in respect as far as Dow and I are concerned. On embellishments and ornamentation most would agree with your assessment… It is best left for ‘comment’…

Yes Tize. I respect you far more than ‘c’. At least you would know the difference between a jig and a slip jig.


Nyah, nyah, na, nyah, nyah!!!
(Dow see’s the number 9 in everything, every dark nook and cranny ~ a peculiar kind of paranoia… For some it is 666, but for Dow, the poor demented lad, it is 9…)

“The Beauties of Ireland” ~ Cape Breton fashion

All be it that the first has my hand in it, hopefully not too distorted…

K: D Major
|: G |
F2 D DED DED DFA | E2 A, A,B,A, A,B,A, A,>CE |
F2 D DED DED DF/G/A | Bcd edc d2 B A2 :|
|: g |
f2 d dcd gag fa/g/f | ecA ABA ABA Ace |
fdd dcd g2 g fed |1 cBA ABc d2 c d2 :|
2 c2 B A2 c d2 B A2 ||

Also to be found in Paul Fackler’s Cape Breton Collection ~
His source: Morgan MacQuarrie, Kenloch Ceilidh

Re: The Beauties Of Ireland

This jig was often played by Buddy MacMaster for dances in Cape Breton.