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One setting

X: 1
T: Shlide Aside
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: A |F2 E EDE F2 D D2 E | F2 E D2 A d2 B B2 A |
F3 EDE F2 D D3 | F2 D d2 A B3- B2 :|
|: A |F2 d- d2 e f2 e efe | ded cBA d2 B B2 A |
F3 dcd f2 e edc |[1 d2 d cBA B2 c cB :|[2 dcd cBA B3 B2 |]

Nine comments

"Gan Ainm" ~ ??? ~ maybe it should bear the name "Martin O’Connor’s too?

Yes, a relative, I said there was a slide in it, and it is related to "The Rolling Waves" too. All links will follow. But for now, here’s another take on it:

K: G Major
|: d |
B2 A AGA BG G2 A | B2 A G2 a g2 e e2 d |
B2 A AGA BG G2 G | B2 A g2 g e3- e2 :|
|: d |
B2 g- g2 a b2 a aba | gag g2 a g2 e e2 d |
B3 g2 a b2 a a3 | gag fed e3 e2 :|

Variation ~ laying on the beat in measures 1 or 5 of the B-part:
K: D Major | F3 d3 f3 e3 | ~ & ~ K: G Major | B3 g3 b3 a3 |

Slides / Jigs

~ a few basic rhythmic possibilities, not all necessarily ‘common’ ~ minus the possibilities of z… ‘N’ = generic note…

Across two beats:
| N6 | = | N3- N3 | ~
N3- N2 N ~ N2 N- N3 ~ N2 N- N2 N ~

On one beat:
N3 ~ N2 N ~ N N2 ~ NNN ~ N>NN ~ N<NN ~
N/N/NN ~ NN/N/N ~ NNN/N/

Interesting timing. I didn’t know slides had 11 quavers per bar. I must have been playing them wrong all this time.

You know I can’t tell you where it is, don’t you ‘c’. That would just make it too easy for you. You’ll have to find it yourself. Well go on then, don’t jsut sit there. Sort it out! [Snaps fingers]

HEART ATTACK!!! ~ Thanks Dow… Whew!

Have you been out drinking with Sar? What is it that gets you two looking more dyslexic than me? ~ "jsut"…