Nine recordings of The King Of The Cannibal Islands

Also known as Bunty’s Goast, Cabbages And Onions, The Cannibal Islands, Cumberland Reel, The Cumberland Reel, The Cumberland, Double-dee-Doubt, The Ghost That Haunted Bunty, The Handcart Song, Hilly-Go, Filly-Go, Hilly-Go, Filly-Go All The Way, Hokee Pokee Wonkee Fum, King Of The Cannibals, Les Deux Rivales, Nottingham Swing, The Nottingham Swing, Phillebelulah, Stanla Markit, Stanley Market, Vulcan’s Cave.

This tune has been recorded together with This Is My Love, Do You Like Her? (a few times), Biddy The Bold (a few times), Hundred Pipers (a few times), Merrily Kissed The Quaker (a few times), Off She Goes (a few times), The Steamboat (a few times), Father O’Flynn, I Lo’e Na A Laddie But Ane, The Millroad Devil, Rosin The Bow, The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

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