On One Beautiful Day slip jig

Also known as Eräänä Kauniina Päivänä.

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One setting

X: 1
T: On One Beautiful Day
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"G"g3- g3 d2B | "D"A3 G2F "G/D"G2D |
"C"E2G cBG "D"GAD | Bd"C/E"g- gga "D"f2d |
d2z "G"gaf gab | "D"a3 g2f "G/D"g2z |
"C"gec "Dsus4"d2B- B2A |1 "C/E"G3 G2A "D"F2G :|2 "C/E"G3- G2A "D"F3 ||
Bdg "Em"gfd "D"AGF | "Em"E3 efg f2d |
"G"B3 BAG "G/B"Bcd | g3 "C"c2B A2G |
"D"A3- A2B BAG | "Em"E2B zcB "D"AGd |
fgd- dga fdg | "Em"e3 efg f2d |
"G"B3 BAG Bcd | "G/B"d3 "C"c2B A2G |
"D"A3- A2B BAG | "Em"E2B zcB "D"AGd |
fgd- dga fga | "G"b3 bag "G/B"fge |
"C"dBG GAB "D"AGF | "G"G3- G3 z3 ||

Three comments

Lovely but funky Flook tune

What time signature should this tune be written in? It seems that 9/8 fits the flow - with sets of triplets - but being Scandanivian (actually Finnish) in origin I’m sure there’s some other more standard tempo.

The recording has the tune in Eb, though it’s played on Bb instruments in the key of G. If you want to play a long with the record transpose down 3 half-steps. Or get a Bb whistle.

In Eb, the chords actually work best when played out of the key of D capoed up one fret. Again you’ll need to transpose …

No matter how you play it, it’s a lovely tune!

Originally called “Eräänä kauniina päivänä”

This tune was originally written by viola, fiddle, nyckelharpa and harmonium player Esko Järvelä from the Finnish group Frigg.

On the Frigg-recording you find this tune recorded in G-major - so you can play along to it using a D-Whistle.