Blessed Margaret Pole jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Blessed Margaret Pole
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
aef gfe|f2d B3|aef g2a|b2a g3|
aef gfe|f2d B3|BdB AGF|E3 E3:|
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Bad font, bad colour scheme, bad webpage…but I read it all with interest, if a tough and difficult read…

What about the tune?

Who’s the author? ~ yourself?

The tune

I wrote the tune in my back garden. In the distance is Margaret Pole’s ruined castle, and since the tune sounded a little medieval to me I named it after her. She certainly had an interesting life. Of course, as they say, who wants to live in interesting times!

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Now that gives me the sort of story I like to see woven around a tune… Much thanks… Too many fly in, drop their load, and then disappear without comment or ownership. Yes, I agree, but not that far back, more akin to the ‘country dance’ of the times, in the fashion of ‘Playford’ or the Cecil Sharp House balls…

O’ Tudor King Henry VIII ~ 1491 - 1547

An accomplished musician and poet he wasn’t removed from such tunes himself, several ditties ascribed to his music making, including for the dance. “Pastime With Good Company” is a lovely air ~ along the lines of drink and be merry! He has also been given credit by some for “Greensleeves”, the versions most of us are familiar with, but even if that is a stretch, it’s pretty sure he added lyrics to it… An interesting book on his influences on dance music is:

“Four and twenty Fiddlers: The Violin at the English Court, 1540-1690”
Peter Holman
Clarendon Press, Oxford, reprint 1994
ISBN: 0198165927

“The Royal String Band of the English Court had its origins in a six-man consort from Italy, brought to England by King Henry VIII. Charting the history of this institution from its origin to the time of Purcell, this study also considers the Band’s influence on the dance music of the period.”

Ol’ Henry the eighth, aside from lopping off heads, was capable on several musical instruments, and composed. A list of his personal possessions included the following collection of musical instruments:

5 bagpipes
78 recorders
78 flutes
10 trombones
14 trumpets
1 mechanical virginal

His Royal Chapel had 79 musicians attending, and he hauled along some of the court band with him wherever he went, his own private little travelling session…

Nice tune - thanks for posting it.

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