The Striking Clock slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Striking Clock
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
~B3 dBf edB|~G3 Bdg fdB|~E3 Bdg fed|~f3 efe dBA|
~B3 dBf edB|~G3 Bdg fdB|~E3 Bdg fed|1 ~f3 ~g3 fed:|2 ~f3 ~g3 afa||
|:b2f abf- faf|a2f efd- dBA|B2E EDE- EBA|B2d B/c/df efa|
b2f abf- faf|a2f efd- daf|1 ~a3 ~f3 efe|d2A BAF A/B/df:|2 ~a3 ~f3 dAF|~a3 ~f3 dBA||

Eight comments

The Striking Clock

From Endeavour by Gráda. It’s their composition, and not the easiest tune in the world to play. First heard it at a session in Sydney.

this is the tune i had mistake for pint of reference

beautiful tune

Tune Name

So is this one tune called "Pint of Reference" or is that the set? Also, I put "Within a Mile of Dublin" as an alternate name, since a guy on youtube calls it that.

No, Pint of Reference is a different tune. I posted it on this site - you can search for it. Within a Mile of Dublin is also a totally different tune.

Ok cheers. Great tune anyway

On "Riches of Clare" CD…

… Tola Custy, Karol Lynch and Paul Gerry have a fine rendition of this tune missnamed Pint of Reference.
(the CD is here and still avalaible for free !

Re: The Striking Clock

Alan Doherty wrote the tune, and we had a great tutorial on it in 2013 at Ceol Aneas, New Zealand’s only Irish Music Festival. Thanks Alan.