Anthony Murray’s strathspey

Also known as Anthony Murray, Anthony Murray’s, Anthony Murray’s Reel, Antony Murray, Antony Murray’s, Antony Murray’s Reel, Christie’s Sister, Cnuic Rud Ha Mhabou, Cnuic Rudha Mhabou, Flora Ann Campbell, Hills Of Cape Mabou, The Hills Of Cape Mabou, Hills Of Mabou, Lord Murray, Lord Murray’s, Port ’ic Artair, Tilley Plump, Tilly Plump.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Anthony Murray's
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E|:C>E A2 C>E A2|AFEB B,/B,/B, B,2|CD/E/AE FEAE|F>AEC A,/A,/A, A2:|
e>cAe c<A e>c|d>fe>c B/B/B Bc/d/|e>cAe c<A e>c|d>fe>c A/A/A Ac/d/|
e>cAe c<A e>c|egdf c/c/c c>B|FAEF DFCE|A/G/F/E/ Ac, A,/A,/A, A||
X: 2
T: Anthony Murray's
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
D|"A"C<EA>E C>EA>E|"D"F<DE>C "Bm"B,/B,/B, B,>D|"A"C<EA>E C>EA>E|"D"F<DE>C "A"A,/A,/A, A,>D|
"A"C<EA>E C>EA>E|"D"F<DE>C "Bm"B,/B,/B, B,>E|"D"F>GA>G "A"{FG}F>EA>E|"D"F<DE>C "A"A,/A,/A, A,||
f|"A"e<AA>d {cd}c>BA>a|"D"f<de>c "Bm"B/B/B B>f|"A"e<AA>d {cd}c>BA>a|"D"f<de>c "A"A/A/A A>b|
"A"{ab}a>fe>d {cd}c>BA>a|"D"f<de>c "Bm"B>d{cd}c>B|"A"C<EA>E C>EA>E|"D"F<DE>C "A"A,/A,/A, A,||
D|"A"(3CEE (3AEE (3CEE (3AEE|"D"F<DE>C "Bm"B,/B,/B, B,>D|"A"(3CEE (3AEE (3CEE (3AEE|"D"F<DE>C "A"A,/A,/A, A,>D|
"A"(3CEE (3AEE (3CEE (3AEE|"D"F<DE>C "Bm"B,/B,/B, B,>E|"D"F>GA>G "A"{FG}F>EA>E|"D"F<DE>C "A"A,/A,/A, A,||
f|"A"e<AA>d {cd}c>BA>a|"D"f<de>c "Bm"B/B/B B>f|"A"e<AA>d {cd}c>BA>a|"D"f<de>c "A"A/A/A A>b|
"A"{ab}a>fe>d {cd}c>BA>a|"D"f<de>c "Bm"B>d{cd}c>B|"A"C<EA>E C>EA>E|"D"F<DE>C "A"A,/A,/A, A,||
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Anthony Murray’s Strathspey

The posting of this tune arose out of Discussion #10662 about the identity of a “mystery” strathspey which seemed to be familiar to some people but which was otherwise difficult to pin down. Following a positive lead by Member #7250 (Greg) as to the name I was able to track down the ABC of this slightly different version in Andrew Kuntz’s “The Fiddler’s Companion”
It’s a very old tune, dating back to the 18th century in Scotland.

“Anthony Murray’s Strathspey / Reel”

“Strathspey Reels Book 1” by Alexander McGlashan, 1778

“Traditional Scottish Fiddling:
A Player’s Guide to Regional Styles, Bowing Techniques, Repertoire and Dances”
Christine Martin
Taigh na Teud Publishers, Isle of Skye, 2002
ISBN: 1-871931-38X

Page 28: Anthony Murray’s Reel / Strathspey ~ fiddle tuned to AEAE

“Traditional Celtic Violin Music of Cape Breton”
Kate Dunlay & David Greenberg
DunGreen Music, 1996

“Christie’s Sister” ~ because in Cape Breton if often follows “Christie Campbell”

“Judique On The Floor” ~ Buddy MacMaster
Submitted on May 7th 2004 by errik.

Track 10: “R.P.Cummings” / “Christie Campbell” / “Christie’s Sister” / ~ etc…

No pack ’o lazy hounds here…

… no siree… yeh all does us proud, so yeh does…

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Troubled by medleys!

I’ve been listening to my favorite Cape Breton medley, performed by the Rankin Family, called Christy Campbell Medley. I’ve been researching the individual tunes for my fiddler, and thus far I’ve found that the medley consists of this:
Christy Campbell Strathspey/Lord Murray Strathspey/Lord Murray Reel/The Thunderbolt Reel/The Weasel
I’m wondering now if the Lord Murray strathspey and the Lord Murray Reel are really one in the same???? This site seems to suggest that they are… so confused. If anyone has sheet music for any of the individual tunes, I would be much obliged 🙂

IN NEED of the Thunderbolt Reel sheetmusic!

i love the Christy Campbell Medly!
Is “Anthony Murray’s” REALLY the 2nd tune in the set?
I’ve been looking for the sheetmusic to the Thunderbolt reel, though. It doesn’t seem to be listed on the internet. I’m starting to wonder if it has multiple names. ???
Can someone send me a link to the thunderbolt reel, or tell me how i can find a copy of the sheetmusic?
it would be much appreciated.

Cape Breton Setting

This setting provided is not exactly how John Morris Rankin plays it, closer to that of Kinnon Beaton. I learned this tune and setting from Andrea Beaton. In the B part, it’s supposed to be e<A[EA,]>d instead of e<AA>d but the sheet music gets messed up in strathspeys when you try to write in double stops and drones.

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another version

Here’s the other version I submitted as “Mystery Strathspey” seven years ago. Not posted in “other versions” because the default note length is 1/8, I wrote it out in 1/16, and am lazy.
T:Anthony Murray’s
D2|:C3EA3E C3EA3G|FD3E3C B,B,3 B,2[1D2|C3EA3E C3EA3G|
FD3E3C A,A,3 A,2D2:| [2E|A-B2z A3G F3EA3G|FD3EC3 A,A,3 A,2a2||
eA3e3A c2B2 A2a2|fd3e3c BB3 B2a2|eA3e3A c2B2 A2a2|fd3e3c AA3 A3B2|A2z2 (3e2f2^g2 a3gf3e|ff3e3c B3cd3B|A-B2z A3=G F3EA3G|FD3EC3 A,A,3 A,4||

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