Four recordings of
Anthony Murray’s
Arrochar Bridge

Anthony Murray’s (strathspey) is also known as Anthony Murray, Anthony Murray’s, Anthony Murray’s Reel, Antony Murray, Antony Murray’s, Antony Murray’s Reel, Christie’s Sister, Cnuic Rud Ha Mhabou, Cnuic Rudha Mhabou, Flora Ann Campbell, Hills Of Cape Mabou, The Hills Of Cape Mabou, Hills Of Mabou, Lord Murray, Lord Murray’s, Port ‘ic Artair, Tilley Plump, Tilly Plump.

Crystal Clear by Jerry Holland

  1. Arrochar Bridge
  2. Bridge Of Bamore
  3. Anthony Murray’s
  4. Christy Campbell’s

From Foot Cape by Ian MacDougall

  1. Christy Campbell
  2. Lord Murray
  3. Bridge Of Baymore
  4. Tramper Down
  5. Arrochar Bridge
  6. The Duke Of Fife’s Welcome To Deeside

Judique On The Floor by Buddy MacMaster

  1. The MacKintosh Of MacKintosh
  2. Arrochar Bridge
  3. The Straw Man
  4. Anthony Murray
  5. Christie Campbell
  6. R.P. Cummings

Off the Floor by Wendy MacIsaac

  1. Miller Of Drone
  2. Christy Campbell
  3. Anthony Murray
  4. Thunderbolt
  5. Arrochar Bridge
  6. Tramper Down