How Can I Keep My Maidenhead jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: How Can I Keep My Maidenhead
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: AGF |E2 F G2 B | e3 eBc | d2 d dAc | B2 B AGF |
E2 F G2 B | eBe gfe | d2 B A2 G | A3- :|
|: Ac^d |e3 e2 f | g3 gdB | a2 a a2 b | e2 d Ac^d |
efe edB | e2 f gfe | d2 B A2 G | A3- :|

Four comments

"How Can I Keep My Maidenhead" ~ for Dow (Mark Anderson) & friends

Well, given the subject, it had to be a ‘single’ jig, and it had to be in a minor key… I’ve been working on some old melodies today, including reels, strathspeys and song airs related to this title and many others. Then I started thinking about some things Dow was on about lately, the poor sensitive and fragile soul that he is, and this just happened along. It may also be from listening to related tune airs… If they aren’t here already they will follow. But this is probably safe, for quirkiness if naught else…

You are such a "what I called you the other day in tht e-mail" 🙂

I seem to keep having to repeat ~ I am not fatherless…

"Who’s yer man over there in the shades taking notes?"

Oh, almost forgot, to increase my need for anonymity if ever we get over to Oz ~ it seems the Dowillians have a problem with endings ~ so, with their welfare in mind, here it is ~ if by some chance you find yourself playing this tune and it is the last of a set, or it is all on its lonesome:

ending ~ | d2 B A2 G | A3- :| AGF E3 || 😉