Jimmy Linn’s hornpipe

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Jimmy Linn's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cdor
(3FGA|:Bbfd gecA|BdFB DFBF|Bdgf edcB|(3ABc (3BAG (3FGF (3EDC|
B,bfd gecA|BdFB DFBF|Egfe dcBA|1 B2 (3Bcd B2 (3FGA:|2 B2 (3Bcd B2 (3fga||
bBdf gBeg|(3fgf (3edc BAGF|E<Gcd edcB|(3ABc (3BAG F2 (3fga|
bBdf gBeg|fBdf eFAc|Bgfe dcBA|B2 (3Bcd B2 (3fga:|
X: 2
T: Jimmy Linn's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
(3EFG|:Aaec fdBG|AcEA CEAE|Acfe dcBA|(3GAB (3AGF (3EFE (3DCB,|
A,aec fdBG|AcEA CEAE|Dfed cBAG|1 A2 (3ABc A2 (3EFG:|2 A2 (3ABc A2 (3efg||
aAce fAdf|(3efe (3dcB AGFE|D<FBc dcBA|(3GAB (3AGF E2 (3efg|
aAce fAdf|eAce dEGB|Afed cBAG|A2 (3ABc A2 (3efg:|

Four comments

Jimmy Linn’s strathspey

Transcribed as I heard it on “My Roots are Showing” by Natalie MacMaster. Great tune -- very tricky to play, but great tune!!!! 🙂

Jimmy Linn’s

Great tune, but I’ll post the tune in A - much easyer to play

X: 1
T:Jimmy Linn’s
(3EFG |:Aaec fdBG | AcEA CEAE | Acfe dcBA | (3GAB (3AGF (3EFE (3DCB, |
A,aec fdBG | AcEA CEAE | Dfed cBAG |1 A2 (3ABc A2 (3EFG :|2 A2 (3ABc A2 (3efg||
aAce fAdf |(3efe (3dcB AGFE | D<FBc dcBA | (3GAB (3AGF E2 (3efg |
aAce fAdf | eAce dEGB | Afed cBAG | A2 (3ABc A2 (3efg :|

Nice tune… works well in the Bb set… thought by some to be a hornpipe.

Re: Jimmy Linn’s

Would work well in g major.