Farewell To Ballinahulla slide

Also known as Julia McMahon, Julia McMahon’s, New Lesson, The New Lesson, Paddy Cronin’s, Tumbling Down Tady’s Acre.

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Eight settings

X: 1
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GAG GAB dBd g2d|1 Bcd ecA AGF G2D:|2 Bcd ecA AGF GBd||
gag ged efg d2d|gdB GBd gAG FGA|
gag ged efg d2c|Bcd ecA AGF GBd|
gag ged efg d2d|gdB GBd gAG FGA|
BAB cBc def g2d|Bcd ecA AGF G3||
X: 2
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
ABA ABc|ece a2e|ecA ABc|ecA BGE|
ABA ABc|ece a2B|cde fdB|1 BAG A3:|2 BAG Ace||
a3 age|fga e2g|aec Acd|ecA BGE|
[1 a3 age|fga e2d|cde fdB|BAG A3:|
[2 c3 d3|efg a2B|cde fdB|BAG A3||
X: 3
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:E|A2 A A2 c|ece a2 e|e2 A A2 c|ecA B2 E|
A2 A A2 c|ece a2 B|c2 e f2 d|BAG A2:|
|:c/e/|a3 a2 e|f2 a e2 g|a2 e c2 d|ecA B2 c/e/|
[1 a2 g a2 e|fga e2 d|c2 e f2 d|BAG A2:|
[2 c2 e d2 f|efg a2 B|c2 e fdB|BAG A2||
X: 4
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
g2f g2d efg d3|efg d2B c2A F2A|
2 B2d ^c2e def g2A|Bcd c2A G3 G3||
X: 5
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D>G/G>B/ d>e/g2|d>B/c>A/ B/G2G4:|
g>f/g>d/ e/g>d2c|B/d>c/A B/G> G4:|
X: 6
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D>GG>B d>e g2|d>GG>B c>A (3FGA|
D>G (3GGG (3def g2|d>B (3cBA B>GE>G:|
|:d>gg>d e>gd>B|g>d (3Bcd c>AF>A|
[1 d>g (3ggg (3efg d2|B>dd>B c>A (3FGA:|
[2 B2 c2 (3def g2|d>B (3GAB (3cBA F>A||
X: 7
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D|G>AG GAB|dBd g2 d|B>AG GAB|dBG FGA|
G>AG GAB|dBd g2 d|B>Cd ecA|G>AG G2:|
|:d|g>ag fed|efe d2 d|g>dB GAB|dBG FGA|
[1 g>ag fed|def g2 d|Bcd ecA|G>AG G2:|
[2 B>AB c>Bc|d>cd g2 d|B>cd ecA|G>AG G2||
X: 8
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:E|ABA ABc|ece a2 e|ecA ABc|ecA B2 G|
ABA AB/c/d|ece a2 B|cde fdB|BAG A2:|
|:e|aba a2 e|fga e2 g|aec Acd|ecA B2 e|
[1 aa/a/a aec|fga e2 d|cde fdB|BAG A2:|
[2 cde def|ee/f/g a2 B|cde fdB|BAG A3||

Forty comments

Farewell to Ballinahulla

From the playing of Paddy Cronin.

Recorded by Dan Herlihy & John Drew on their CD - ‘The Ballydesmond Polka’, Paddy Cronin on his “Kerry’s Own Paddy Cronin’ & also by Monks of the Screw, on their first album, ‘Brathar na nÓl’, but clearly, under another name – anyone know?

‘c’, are you really sure this is a slide?

Farewell to Ballinahulla

Yes Slainte, on the sleeve notes they call it a Hop Jig, so for that I read Single JIg, but as neither are available here, I put it in as a Slide.

However, I am happy to be corrected by the resident experts here!

Damn, have you been nitting the saki again slainte, why pull me into this one, or confuse Ptarm and I? As it is a ‘hop jig’ you should drag Dow out of the shadows and get him to comment on it, since it is one of his obsessions… 😉

It looks like a normal jig to me.

normal as in double jig.

Terribly sorry, Mr. Glasgow from Edinburgh! How did I confuse a man like you with ’ceolachan"? My brain doesn’t work after a bit work….

“How did I confuse a man like you with ’ceolachan”

1) They both look the same
2) They’re both complete nutters
3) They both talk too much

Wow, you are all quick! I still can’t tell a gray-bearded man from another, so please don’t shoot me. “Ptarmigan” is slightly more talkative than you, “Dow” but certainly not as much as “ceolachan.”

Hey Dow, what do you mean "talk too much?

I notice you have posted no fewer than 6395 comments & your bio is a wopping 2884 words long!
Ceolachan has only posted 4622 comments & his bio is a modest 1884! (curious what is it with the 884 guys?)
While I have only posted 4278 comments & my bio is a meagre 910 words!

So tell me again Dow, who talks too much? 🙂

As for looking the same - “I still can’t tell a gray-bearded man from another” - AH HA! Slainte, are you saying all us Westerners just look the same, eh? 😀

As for - 2) They’re both complete nutters - Aye, it’s a Fair Cop Guv - guilty as charged!

But I’m sure old Ceolachan is as sane as the next man - it just depends who is standing beside him at the time! 🙂

By the way Ceolachan, what in the name o’ bejayzus does your term “nitting the saki” mean?

You slight the reputation of my brother of the Bird Lodge, Ptarm, but he has the ability to parry back…

In slainte’s defense, he has poor eyesight but refuses to wear his glasses, it all looks the same to him, especially after too much cobra liquor…

Just to help you out there slainte, whatever your state ~ I’m the one with the shiny flesh top and Ptarm is the one with hair, unless that was a bonnet he was wearing in those photos. They were too small to tell. Also, he’s got white hair, is shorter than me and a little more rotunde… 😏

‘nitting’ ~ it’s a Japanese way of imbibing without your workmates seeing the tube sticking out of your shirt…

“Farewell to Ballinahulla” ~ to hop or not to hop ~

Back on topic, I agree with slainte and Dow, taking your notation as how you’ve heard it, they aren’t playing it like a hop jig, but that’s not to say it couldn’t be played that way.

In defense of Dow’s ramblings ~ almost all of his ‘details’ are about the music, with a focus on Northumberland, his other adopted spiritual heartland… And your’s to Ptarm, about your passions…

On Topic again.

To be fair to the tune, I must confess I am no hot shot when it comes to ye olde ABC, so the form I have posted may well be as a Jig, but I’m sure anyone with a desire to play it as a Slide will easily modify it themselves, to suit.

If anyone out there has the time & inclination I’d be curious, & grateful, to see how this would look, written as a Slide?

Thanks for that Ceolachan.

Might be a good idea to post that version you found in A, here too:

T:Farewell to Ballinahulla
ABA ABc|ece a2e|ecA ABc|ecA BGE|\
ABA ABc|ece a2B|cde fdB|1 BAG A3:|2 BAG Ace||\
a3 age|fga e2g|aec Acd|ecA BGE|1 a3 age|\
fga e2d|cde fdB|BAG A3:|2 c3 d3|efg a2B|cde fdB|BAG A3||

Which ‘anybody’?

“Farewell to Ballinahulla” ~ to hop ~ but still not phrased for 12/8

R: single jig
L: 1/8
K: A Major
|: E |
A2 A A2 c | ece a2 e | e2 A A2 c | ecA B2 E |
A2 A A2 c | ece a2 B | c2 e f2 d | BAG A2 :|
|: c/e/ |
a3 a2 e | f2 a e2 g | a2 e c2 d | ecA B2 c/e/ |
1 a2 g a2 e | fga e2 d | c2 e f2 d | BAG A2 :|
2 c2 e d2 f | efg a2 B | c2 e fdB | BAG A2 ||

I was getting around to the key of A, you just have no patience brother… Ma always suspected you were the one that was ADHD. I’m just some version of dyslexic. You were always the one wanting the limelight and taking it, bully that you were… 😉

Can’t resist the 12/8 challenge…

X: 1
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
R: slide
K: Gmaj
D2G G2B def g2e|d2G GAB c2A F2A|
D2G G2B def g2A|1 Bcd c2A G3 G3:|
|:g2f g2d efg d3|efg d2B c2A F2A|
1 g2f g2d efg d2A|Bcd c2A G3 G3:|
2 B2d ^c2e def g2A|Bcd c2A G3 G3||

Ah Ha! That’s more like it - thanks for that. I must say I definitely prefer it as a Slide.

Those wee yolks have so much life don’t they, they make jigs sound almost morbid! 🙂

So although this tune is called a Hop Jig on the CD it is actually played as a Jig! Hmmmm…..

That 1 shouldn’t be in bar 4. Serves me right for being lazy and cut & pasting.

Dow, I can’t get that 12/8 to work? Something’s missing methinks?

Don’t go playing my version in public - it’s not very authentic. I made it up off the top of my head just now, and I took massive liberties with note changing. Perhaps someone else can come up with something melodically closer to the original. ‘c’? Oh, no, I forgot that he can’t tell the difference between jigs and slip jigs. This would be beyond him, I think 😉

I think what I wrote might sound a bit too flingy to be a proper slide. Perhaps we might have to call on ‘c’ after all to sort me out.

Yuh snivelin’ little ~ ~ ~ I like your slide take on it. I knew you’d take that one step beyond… I just couldn’t bring myself to do it… Maybe I should have taken my meds this morning, reality is closing in….or is it just the temperature?

Is it not a bit too flingy though? How would you change what I’ve done into a fling?

Please excuse my feable afforts guys, but would the Fling version perhaps look something like this:

X: 1
T: Farewell To Ballinahulla
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: highland fling
K: Gmaj
D>G/G>B/ d>e/g2|d>B/G>B/ c>AF/A2|
D>G/G>B/ d>e/g2|d>B/c>A/ B/G2G4:||
g>f/g>d/ e/g>d4|g>dB/d> c/A>F/A>|
g>f/g>d/ e/g>d2c|B/d>c/A B/G> G4:||

Weird! Now that’s what I call slash ( / ) and burn…

I’ve a chore to do, but I’ll be back… 🙂

“The Ballinahulla Highland” ~ using your attempt above…

M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: highland fling
K: Gmaj
|: D>GG>B d>e g2 | d>GG>B c>A (3FGA |
D>G (3GGG (3def g2 | d>B (3cBA B>GE>G :|
|: d>gg>d e>gd>B | g>d (3Bcd c>AF>A |
1 d>g (3ggg (3efg d2 | B>dd>B c>A (3FGA :|
2 B2 c2 (3def g2 | d>B (3GAB (3cBA F>A ||

It’s yours Ptarm, and maybe it deserves its own place on site along with “The Ptarmigan Flushed”… I hope you like them both bro… Maybe they’ll keep you out of mischief, though I kind of doubt it…

Ho Ho, Ta very much - now that definitely sounds like a Fling!

I guess my effort sounds more like a Strathspey, now that I think about it - guess I just can’t hide ma roots!

Now, I must go & find out what this - “The Ptarmigan Flushed” is all about ………………………………..

I would make one recommendation on notating swing, as in flings or strathspeys or hornpipes ~ next time don’t do it with your Swiss Army knife / / / / /…

“Julia McMahon” / “Farewell to Ballinahulla” ~ 2 X Dan Herlihy & friends

“Julia McMahon” (jig from Paddy Cronin) ~ track 2
“The Night of the Fair: Traditional Irish Music from Sliabh Luachra”
Dan Herlihy & Friends
Submitted on November 6th 2005 by Ptarmigan.

“Farewell to Ballinahulla” ~ track 1
“The Ballydesmond Polka”
Dan Herlihy & John Drew
Submitted on July 19th 2006 by Ptarmigan.

“Julia McMahon” ~ Captain Francis O’Neill

“O’Neill’s Music Of Ireland”, 1850
“Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems”,1907

K: G Major
|: D |
G>AG GAB | dBd g2 d | B>AG GAB | dBG FGA |
G>AG GAB | dBd g2 d | B>Cd ecA | G>AG G2 :|
|: d |
g>ag fed | efe d2 d | g>dB GAB | dBG FGA |
1 g>ag fed | def g2 d | Bcd ecA | G>AG G2 :|
2 B>AB c>Bc | d>cd g2 d | B>cd ecA | G>AG G2 ||