One recording of
The Trip To Kinvara
Cameron’s Got His Wife Again

The Trip To Kinvara (reel) is also known as A Long Way From Home, Kinvara, The Lads Of Doocastle, Trip To Kinvarra.

Cameron’s Got His Wife Again (strathspey) is also known as Cameron Got His Wife Again, Cameron’s Highland Fling, John Cameron Has Lizzie Steel Again His Wife.

WhY2Keilidh by Howie MacDonald

  1. The Smith’s A Gallant Fireman
  2. Miss Shaw
  3. Cameron Got His Wife Again
  4. Ashley At The Branford
  5. JP At The Studio
  6. St. Ann’s
  7. A Long Way From Home
  8. Wedderburn House
  9. You’re Welcome Charlie Stewart