Sixty-seven recordings of This Is My Love, Do You Like Her?

Also known as Anthony Frawley’s Favorite, Anthony Frawley’s Favourite, Anton A’Bhearnais, Biddy Crowley’s Ball, Bonnie Wee Charlie, Bundle And Go, Bundle And Go, Con Curtin’s Frolics, Cronin’s, Culcrevie, I Found My Love In The Morning, I Lost My Love, I Lost My Love And I Care Not, I Love You Not And Care For You Not, Kiss The Maid Behind The Bar, Kiss The Maid Behind The Bier, Kiss The Maid Behind The Byre, McCusker’s, My Love In The Morning, My Love In The Morning, Old Comrades, Patrick Kelly’s Favorite, Patrick Kelly’s Favourite, Pussycat Up In A Plum Tree, Pussycat Up In The Plum Tree, Pussycat Up The Plum Tree, Pussycats Up In Plum Trees, The Segmented, She Never Would Leave Me, She Would Never Leave Me, This Is My Love Do You Like Her?, This Is My Love, Do You Like Her, Tony Of The Gap, Up To See Grandma.

This tune has been recorded together with Behind The Bush In The Garden (lots of times), The Cat Rambles To The Child’s Saucepan (a few times), The Priest (a few times), The King Of The Cannibal Islands (a few times), Paddy Breen’s (a few times), An Chearc Ar Fad Is An Anairthe (a few times), Biddy The Bold (a few times), Michael Russell’s (a few times), Anthony Frawley’s, The Battering Ram, Beauties Of The Ballroom, Ben Hill, The Blackberry Quadrille, Broken Sword, The Bunch Of Roses, Captain White’s, Cathleen Hehir’s, Child Of My Heart, The Chorus, Coleman’s Cross, The Cook In The Kitchen, The Dear Irish Boy, Denis O’Keeffe’s, Drummond Castle, Dusty Windowsills, The Gallant Tipperary Boys, The Gleanntan Frolics, The Gobby O, The Handsome Young Maidens, The Humours Of Quarry Cross, Huntington Castle, Indian Point, Jimmy Ward’s, Joe Liddy’s, Johnny Leary’s, The Kerfunten, Kevin McHugh’s, King Of The Pipers, Kings Of Kerry, The Kishkeam Lasses, Kitty’s Rambles, The Miller’s Maggot, The Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre, Nóra Críona, Oho! Oho! I’ve Found You Out, Old Woman Of The Milldust, Paddy From Portlaw, Patsy Geary’s, The Peeler And The Goat, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Pipe On The Hob, The Rakes Of Kildare, Rattigan’s, The Road To Tralee, The Rollicking Skipper, The Sailor’s Wife, Scatter The Mud, Scully Casey’s, She Hasn’t The Thing She Thought She Had, Skipper Lost His Guernsey, So I Am Off With The Good St. Nicholas Boat, Split Rock, The Star Above The Garter, The Stoney Steps, Sydney Pittman’s Tune, The Tenpenny Bit, Thadelo’s, Tickle Her Leg With The Barley Straw, Tiny The Trooper.

  1. A Stone’s Throw by Michael Cooney
  2. Afterhours by The Bothy Band
  3. Afterlight by Ímar
  4. An Fhidil by Various Artists
  5. Barefoot On The Altar by Chulrua
  6. Broken Eggs by Cattle Grid
  7. Bundle And Go by John Doherty
  8. Call the Set - I - Music for 2 Polka Sets by The Red Abbey Group
  9. Call The Set - III by The Red Abbey Group
  10. Celtic Melt by Michael McGoldrick, Richard Lacy, Barrie Gledden, David Bird
  11. Come West along the Road by The Esker Riada Ceili Band
  12. Cornerstone by Celtic Spring
  13. Dark Of The Moon by Grey Larsen And Paddy League
  14. Different State by Paudie O’Connor
  15. Dig With It by Randal Bays, Dave Marshall And Willie Bays
  16. Each Other’s Shadow by Flaithrí And Eoghan Neff
  17. Electric Céilí by Electric Céilí
  18. Farewell To The Hollow by Bob Mcquillen
  19. Feenish Legacy by Marcus Hernon And Padraic Coyne
  20. Fiddle Me This One by Various Artists
  21. Fiddling in the Fog by The STEP Fiddlers
  22. Folk Music And Dances Of Ireland by Various Artists
  23. Folktrax-372: The Princess Royal: Dance Music From South Armagh by The Nine McCusker Brothers & Hugh Savage
  24. Forever By Dingle Shore by Slaudeen
  25. Fort Of The Jewels by Brian McNamara
  26. Gathering Cloud by Toyota Ceili Band
  27. House Sessions by Brenda Stubbert
  28. Instrumental by Franz Sanger And Susan Frances
  29. Island To Island by Various Artists
  30. Kerry Music by Denis Doody
  31. Kerry’s Own by Paddy Cronin
  32. Lifting Out The Stove by Vince Collins
  33. Lios a Phuca by Pat and Sandra Friel
  34. Live in New York 1977 by De Dannan
  35. Maeve Donnelly by Maeve Donnelly
  36. Magnetic South by The Four Star Trio
  37. Mick Mulcahy & Cairde by Mick Mulcahy & Cairde
  38. On A Meadowlark Night: Dance Music From New England, Ireland, Scotland, Québec, And Cape Breton by Eric Eid-Reiner And Friends
  39. Out Of The Wind Into The Sun by The Bothy Band
  40. Out Of Their Shell by Céide
  41. Ranting And Reeling: Dance Music Of The North Of England by Various Artists
  42. Sarah’ndipity by Sarah Burnell
  43. Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles Gold by Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles
  44. Sets In The City by Tipsy House
  45. Sharon Shannon by Sharon Shannon
  46. Sraid Eoin Shuffle by Aoife Granville
  47. Summer At My Feet by North Cregg
  48. Tampa Session Sets, Vol. 1 by Clan Tampa
  49. The Barley Grain by Larry Kinsella
  50. The Eagle’s Whistle by Michael Tubridy
  51. The Humours Of Lisheen by John And Julia Clifford
  52. The Jig Is Up by The Plankerdown Band
  53. The Old Wheel Of Fortune by Fidil
  54. The Pipers’ Gathering 2017, Vol. 2 by Pipers Gathering
  55. The Quiet Pint by Randal Bays
  56. The Rough Guide To Irish Music by Various Artists
  57. The Set - Four: Music for Four Complete Sets by Various Artists
  58. The Tunes by Shanneyganock
  59. Toss the Feathers by Linn Barnes & Allison Hampton
  60. Totally Traditional Tin Whistles by Various Artists
  61. Traditional Dance Music Of Ireland by Various Artists
  62. Traditional Music From The Kingdom Of Kerry by Jimmy Doyle And Dan O’Leary
  63. Warts ‘n All by The Flying Toads
  64. WhY2Keilidh by Howie MacDonald
  65. With Every Breath by John Wynne
  66. Wooden Flute Obsession: Volume 3, Disc 1 by Various Artists
  67. X by Lilt