Six recordings of a tune named
The Lilting Banshee
With a tune named
Out On The Ocean

The Lilting Banshee (jig) is also known as Ballinasloe Fair, The Banshee’s Lament, Bobby Casey’s, The Butcher’s March, Fallon’s, The Glanmire Miller, John Conroy’s, The Killaloe Boat, The Miller Of Glanmire, The Moyasta, Paddy In London, Rita Keane’s, Ryan’s, Ryan’s Favourite, The Sligo, The Wail Of The Banshee, The Wailing Banshee.

Out On The Ocean (jig) is also known as Across The Sea, Amaċ San Ḟarraige, Clare Jig, A, Mick Mulcahy’s, O’Connel’s Jig On Top Of Mount Everest, O’Connell’s Jig On Top Of Mount Everest, O’er The Sea, Out In The Ocean, Out Of The Ocean, Over The Ocean, Portroe, The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow, The Rok And The Wee Pickle Tow, Split The Whisker, Tierney’s, The Wee Pickle Tow, The Wind Is Over The Ocean.

Airs and Gracenotes by Dulahan

  1. The Lilting Banshee
  2. Tripping Up The Stairs
  3. Out On The Ocean

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Sheena

  1. Out On The Ocean
  2. Lilting Banshee
  3. Kesh

Cold Frosty Morn at West River by Maggie Sansone, Andrea Hoag & Sharon Knowles

  1. Tomorrow Will Be My Dancing Day
  2. I Saw Three Ships
  3. Out On The Ocean
  4. Lilting Banshee

Over The Straits by Fiddlehead

  1. The Mist-Covered Mountain
  2. Out On The Ocean
  3. The Lilting Banshee

Set Dances Of Ireland, Volume II by Various Artists

  1. The Miller Of Glanmire
  2. Out In The Ocean

The Magpies's Nest by John G. Walsh

  1. The Portroe
  2. The Butcher’s March