Stones Of Stenness barndance

Also known as Standing Stones, The Standing Stones O’ Stenness.

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The Standing Stones o’ Stenness

This lovely march comes from the playing of the Wrigley Sisters and Simon Thoumire (alias Hamish MacGregor“ on a bugdet priced CD called ”Souvenir of Scotland." The stones are a magnificent monument on the Orkney Islands, which was the only historic site I couldn’t visit during my stay on the windy islands 5 years ago. It was a real shame though I actually saw a tall stone or two from a distance on a minibus. For more info on the stones, have a look at this page:

Stones of Stenness

I can see the Stones from my sitting room! I love being an Orcadian! And it is a nice tune, it’s more of a march than a barn dance though.