Last Night’s Joy reel

Also known as Old Fashioned Habit, The Old Fashioned Habit.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Last Night's Joy
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
A2AG FGAB|cG(3GGG EG (3GGG|~AAAG FGAB|cdeg fdec|
(3AAAAG FGAB|cG(3GGG EG (3GGG|~AAAG FGAB|cdeg fdd2:|
(3ddd fd adfd|(3ccc ec gcec|(3ddd fd adfd|ceag fdec|
(3ddd fd adfd|(3ccc ec g2fg|af (3gfe fdeB|cdeg fdec:|
X: 2
T: Last Night's Joy
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
A>BAG FGAB|c ~G3 EGA>G|~A3 G FGAB|cdeg fd (3ddd|
~A3 G F ~A3|cG (3EFG c ~G3|A2 AG FGAB|cd (3efg fddA||
d2 fd adfd|c2 ec gcec|(3ddd fd ad (3fed|c2 ag fdce|
~d3 f adfd|~c3 e gecg|afge fd e2|cdeg fdd||
X: 3
T: Last Night's Joy
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
A2 AG FGAB|cG (3GGG EG (3GGG|(3AAA AG FD (3FGA|cdeg fdd:|
d2 fd adfd|c2 ec gc (3edc|(3ddd fd adfd|^ceag fddA|
d2 fd adfd|c2 ec gceg|afge fded|^cdeg fdd||

Thirty-six comments

From Gerald Trimble

I learned this from Gerald Trimble’s first album, First Flight. I play it on the guitar, plectrally, in DADGAD tuning.

Fine man that Gerald…

Even though he seems to have abanded ITM.

Oh, this tune should be swung.

Gerald had a successful career playing Irish (or Celtic) music… then he came to Lark Camp and was corrupted by the dumbek and tabla crowd. I think it was all the babes in belly dance garb that hang out around that scene that finally did it though. 😉

Damn Californians, they’ll get you every time… 😏

The first sign of trouble was the year he kidnapped my shruti box and kept it the whole week. Everytime we went searching for him to play a few tunes we would find him sitting yoga-style on the ground wearing all white and surrounded by babes from that tabla and dumbek crowd who were adorned in glitter and silk and the scent of incense was hanging in the air. Gerald would be squeezing the shruti box and chanting something other-worldly with the babes pinging and ponging on their little drums and gazing longingly at him.

Hari Krishna, Hari Hari ~

I’d been wondering about his new look… I have some suspicion it may have started with those pop songs he’d started playing back in the 80’s… You know that sort of thing, like mary jane, one thing leads to another and before you know it he’s doing something generically call ‘early music’ in a Windham Hill kind of way…

~ long pause ~ You have a shruti box? You mean one of those one-arm things ~ well ~ really two ~ bellows on the one hand and keys on the other… Damn that brings back memories, but I’m not confessing any more… except that I actually love the old reed organs…

That’s a harmonium you’re thinking of. What I have is a shruti box. It have levers that open individual notes so you can pump air though a set of bellows not unlike an uilleann pipe drone. I rigged it up so I can pump it with my foot and have my hands free to play concertina. I usually have it set to a low D and A drone. I kick it in where you might expect bagpipe drones to start.

Sorry, I don’t mean to but in chaps but aren’t they also called ‘Drone Boxes’? If so, I have one of those yolks myself, with eight different knobs on the front & a lever for changing keys.

I have also seen it being adapted for use by foot by none other than Davy Stuart, NZ Bouzouki maker, who would jam a piece of cardboard between the keys to make his chord & pump away while playing a Zouk & singing.

Battlefield Band also used one in their early days.

Them wiz harmoniums[ harmonia ? ], Dick.
I was sure this tune had been submitted already, because I think I remember discussing it with “Longnote”. Maybe not .

Posted by .

Your right Kenny, that thing Davy played at Carrbridge, around ’83 or ’84 was a Harmonium that he had stripped down & adapted for easy transport!

The one I have though is a Drone Box, which awkwardly leaves you only one hand free to play, so in the middle of a tune you don’t actually have the luxury of a hand free to pick your nose or scratch your bollo …….

You know Dow will want on now…but he’ll be too proud to admit it…

You know poor old Gerald, I suspect we were both just jealous button, me anyway, I never did attract the belly dancing chicks in their lovely gause and silk outfits… I suppose enough of that and I’d have gone OTH / MIA ~ & all ‘Merrie Melodies’ / ‘Looney Tunes’…

“Last Night’s Fun” ~ not exactly a duplication Kenny

Submitted on May 25th 2001 by Jeremy.

However, Joy / Fun both read in structure as single reels despite the sometimes practice of doubling it as shown here ~ but who can fault anyone that wants to double their fun / joy?

“Last Night’s Joy” / “Last Night’s Fun”

They also mate up in a set nicely, but I’d take both as singles. Here’s the same basic transcript for this one minus the repeats, with some incidental swing 😉 :

K: D Mixolydian
B |
A>BAG FGAB | c ~G3 EGA>G | ~A3 G FGAB | cdeg fd (3ddd |
~A3 G F ~A3 | cG (3EFG c ~G3 | A2 AG FGAB | cd (3efg fddA ||
d2 fd adfd | c2 ec gcec | (3ddd fd ad (3fed | c2 ag fdce |
~d3 f adfd | ~c3 e gecg | afge fd e2 | cdeg fd-d ||


No, Ceolachan – “Fun” and “Joy” are 2 entirely different tunes. I’m talking about the one posted here, which I’m certain I discussed with “Longnote” a while back, and I thought he’d posted it. He said somewhere it was a tune he used to play, but hardly anyone knew it [ unless I’ve got the wrong tune altogether]. I think we both had it from Cathal McConnell, and it was recorded on the “Boys Of The Lough”‘s first album.
“Last Night’s Fun“ is not an alternative title to this tune. “Last Night’s Joy” was only showing up on 2 recordings, [ BoTL and Gerry Trimble ] which I think is probably accurate for this particular reel. Whoever added “Fun” as an alternative title, it’s now showing up as being on umpteen recordings when it doesn’t appear on them at all.

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Yes, a ‘Gan Ainm’ on “Boys of the Lough”….

I’ve checked “The Fiddler’s Companion” ~ Shanachie, 1973, and it states they learned it from Mickey Doherty, Donegal fiddler…

See if you can get Longnote to add his transcription here if he hasn’t already. I’ve checked my recordings of Mickey Doherty but I don’t find this listed. That would have been a nice one to transcribe here.

Yes, I know, Joy and Fun aren’t the same tune, the reason for the title, I just liked the two together, which was the reason for the link being made ~ but a mistake was the reason for the name going elsewhere, wrong cut and paste, now hopefully corrected or soon to be.

“Las Night’s Joy” ~ the Bulmer & Sharpley transcription

“Music from Ireland Volume 4”
Bulmer & Sharpley, 1976

Page 12, tune # 36 ~ “Last Night’s Joy” ~ single reel

K: D Mixolydian ~ very close to their transcription

|: B |
A2 AG FGAB | cG (3GGG EG (3GGG | (3AAA AG FD (3FGA | cdeg fdd :|
A |
d2 fd adfd | c2 ec gc (3edc | (3ddd fd adfd | ^ceag fddA |
d2 fd adfd | c2 ec gceg | afge fded | ^cdeg fd-d ||

Mr. Trimble attributes it to Bulmer and Sharpley (vol 3), but doesn’t say that’s where he learned it. I searched the abc’s and didn’t find it here.

You were right, I did a search in different keys too, and using various bars and takes. There are tunes with similar bits, but this wasn’t here, so thanks for posting it. It is a tune I like, and a pairing came from it that I also enjoy…joy and fun together… 🙂

Single it

Gerald does double this tune, so that’s the way I learned it, but now that you mention it, I believe it does want to be played singly.

I don’t remember Boys of the Laugh playing it, but I probably have that album. We rarely play the old vinyl anymore. I really should make a project of CD-izing the best of the LP’s.

I do have that BotL album. I can’t believe it’s not on CD yet. It’s one of their two or three best.

See if you can find time to transcribe their take on it for the comments here… That would be a sweet addition…

My mistake

The tune “Longnote” discussed was “The Boys Of Twenty Five”, not “Last Night’s Joy”.
The first “BotL” album is now available on CD, although I don’t think it was when I posted it in “Recordings” nearly 2 years ago.

Posted by .

I love it, simple, beautiful and portable…

It speaks differently on BotL

I listened to the BotL version last night. They play it a lot faster than Gerald and with some long notes instead of so many triplets – gives it a different character. I think I like it better. A lot of tunes don’t translate so well to solo low-pitched plectrum instruments.

Maybe I’ll add it here when I get time to examine it. I think they play it twice, singly, and it goes by pretty quickly in the middle of a set.

Yes, I hope so. It is always good to have a version as it sits with another instrument or group or person… I look forward to your transcript…

Re: Last Night’s Joy

Discussion about this tune is fun, fun, fun - as it should be for a tune with this title.