My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean waltz

Also known as My Bonnies Lies Over The Ocean.

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One setting

X: 1
T: My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A|fed edB|AF4 A|fed dcd|(e4e) A|
fed edB|AF4 A|Bed cBc|d3 dcB||
A3 d3|B3 e2d|ccc cBc|d2e f3|
A3 d3|B3 e2d|ccc cBc|d6||

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My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean

I noticed that on the CD Nathan G just posted, ‘Live At Winkles’
by The Lahawns, this tune was listed, but ‘surprisingly’ nobody had posted the ABCs for it - now how strange is that?

Who knows, it could become a session standard, in years to come! 🙂

The words we used to sing to this at school were very rude indeed.

Yeah, I had rude words for it too, not necessarily lyrics, but I had those too…

Hey Dow, did you see the lovely little plea for your return that got deleted? I made a few comments too don’t you know. Maybe that’s why it went bye bye… Unfortunately I don’t know how to make an evil smilie…

I didn’t see that, no. I don’t *do* the discussions anymore. I don’t want to read any more “Why Should I Learn The Bucks Of Oranmore” threads. My heart’s over here in the tunes. I’ll stay here and talk to you, ‘c’. I know I can be as horrible as I like to you and you’ll still speak to me 😉

Hey, you’re alive… I was worried it was some kind of obit…

So, aren’t you going to comment in my latest submission and tell my you like and and that I’m a genius?

Yuck, that sentence didn’t come together well. I’d better stop drinking…

Hell, I’ll go do it myself…

I’m scared to go there and look at it now. What happens if I don’t like it? I can’t lie to you you know. Can I go there and write a post entitled “duplicate” to see whether Jeremy’s deletion of duplicate postings is automatic. Oo no, that would be a bit cheeky, no?

It’s OK, I did it for you… 😉

Besides, it’s never stopped you before…

So, which of us is going to offer up some lyrics for this little number?

Your tune that I daren’t look at reminds me of the Humours Of Drinagh. And to think you were moaning about how my work was unoriginal the other day. Tcheh.

What’s traditional music without origins anyway?

Don’t post lyrics until Ptarmigan submits it in the key of G. Otherwise, you will strain your throat on those high notes.

“My Body Lies Over the Ocean” ~ in G

There’s no telling where Ptarm it, he whips up all kinds of trouble over in the discussions, so rather than wait, here’s a quick take on it in G, quick, so no complaints, at least I didn’t work in repeats, so just lyrics please ~ 🙂

K: G Major
G |
edc dcA G2 A G2 G | edc cBc d3 d2 g |
edc dcA G2 F G2 E | Adc BAB c3 cBA |
G3 c3 A3 d2 c | BcB BB/A/B c2 d e3 |
G3 cBc A3 d^cd | B2 B BAB c3- c2 ||

Sorry I missed this piece of nostalgia!

I’m just in.

Myself & Mrs Pt., were playing background music all evening to a bunch of American reps in Bushmills Distillery Restaurant!
They had a Whiskey tasting session before the meal, & each rep had nine glasses of whiskey in front of them.
They took a sip or two from each glass & then on to the next one, but most of the measures were left in the glasses.
At the end of the night I watched as 288 ‘almost’ measures of Whiskey were poured down the sink!!!!
I’m just imagining how that lot could have inspired even greater heights of nostalgia from ye twa!

I’ll say no more, for fear of depressing you even more!

I don’t like this tune because it will always remind me of the day Dow left us … ahh ! Everybody say ahh ! Well it is an anecdote Jeremy …

ahhhhhh! ~ Damn, get that tongue supressor away from me, you’re no doctor stewpot…

Me Mum always warned me about strange men proffering sweets, or pretending to be Doctors!
So tell me Stewpot, are you a strange Man?

Well, let me tell you Ptarm, he lives near the big stink, Sheffield, and they say the air there does things to folks, and that there’s stuff in the soil too that seeps into the water. Everyone walks with a limp and a permanent sneer and have a lump on their backs. They also say they have a strange music all of their own and sing through their noses… I always drive the long way around Sheffield whenever I’m going over the pass and anywhere thereabouts. I always make sure I have filled up with petrol before hand too and lock all the doors…

Strange ? How do you mean? Well i’ve got a lump on my back . . walk around with a permanent sneer … and a limp … what’s so strange about that … ?

I guess you must be the one in the middle then Stewpot?…. but who is on either side of you? Ah yes, I recognise them now, that’s ‘Ceolachan’ on your right, looking out for the next new tune & ‘Dow’ on your left, head in hands, wondering if he should tak’ a wee keek back at the discussions! 🙂

“How the hell did we get up here Ceol? That looks an awful long way down.”
“More important, how do we get down?”
“Whadda yuh mean ~ you’ve got wings.”
“Is that what’s been itchin’ all this time? Nah, I think we’re better up here with the rest of the pidgeons on this limestone edifice. And folks thing we live in a lovely ivory tower. Look at all this bat and pidgeon shight, I mean, ivory my arse…”
“Who’s the guy with the hump anyway?”
“Hey you, did you bring any beer up with you?”
“Do you know any other parts to Colonel Fraser?”
“Who’s he?”

Re: My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean

can anybody send me the adult version of that song to