Twenty-nine recordings of The Kitchen Girl

Also known as Kitchen Gal, The Kitchen Girls.

This tune has been recorded together with The Little Beggarman (a few times), Cold Frosty Morning (a few times), Da New Rigged Ship (a few times), The Donegal Lass (a few times), The Grumbling Old Man And Woman (a few times), Blackjack Grove, Drowsy Maggie, Fionn’s, The Gravel Walks, Green Mountain Petronella, High Caul Cap, The Jig Of Slurs, June Apple, Liberty, The Merry Blacksmith, Miss McLeod’s, Music For A Found Harmonium, The New Rigged Ship, The Old French, Saint Anne’s, The Sister, Soldier’s Joy, Staten Island, The Tenpenny Bit, Tuttle’s, The Ways Of The World, Whiskey Before Breakfast.

  1. Beneficial Tradition by Portland Megaband
  2. Best Of Irish Fiddle by Florie Brown
  3. Bruscar Bán by The Culchies
  4. Cabbage by Gaelic Storm
  5. Ceilidh Tonight by Jingbang Ceilidh Band
  6. Come Dancing by Climax Ceilidh Band
  7. Elftones by The Elftones
  8. Fiddleminded by Judy Plester
  9. Good Friends-Good Music by Boys Of The Lough
  10. Hard Times In The Promised Land by Off To California
  11. Hunt The Squirrel by Velocipede
  12. Just Me And A Fiddle by Wayne Cantwell
  13. Landslide by StringFire!
  14. Live in Galway by We Banjo 3
  15. Look’n Through the Porthole by Kitchen Jam Band
  16. Messing by Amy Geddes
  17. Paddy On The Railway by Ten Penny Bit
  18. Peacock’s Feathers by Legacy Band
  19. Roots of the Banjo Tree by We Banjo 3
  20. Russell’s House by Russell’s House
  21. Tangled Up by Mithril
  22. The Endless Road by Govannen
  23. The Great Bear Trio by The Great Bear Trio
  24. The Selkies’ Song by Debbie Scott
  25. The Three Piece Flute by Desi Wilkinson
  26. The Uneven Bridge by Glen Ayre
  27. Traditional Dance Tunes by The Hollow Rock String Band
  28. Turtle United by Turtle United
  29. Vinnie’s Return by Bowstring