Decoherence polka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Decoherence
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:Ae Ad|B>c BA|GB EG|d>c BA/G/|
Ae Ad|B>c BA|GB EG/B/|Ac/B/ A>G:|
|:Aa Ag|e>d ce|dB B/c/B/A/|GB EG/B/|
Aa Ag|e>d ce|dB B/c/B/G/|1 Ae AG:|2 Ac/B/ A2||
X: 2
T: Decoherence
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:c/B/|Ae Ad|B/c/B/A/ BE|GB EG/B/|d/e/d/c/ BA/^G/|
A/A/e Ad|B>c BE|GB EG/B/|A2- A:|
|:B/^G/|:Aa A/A/g|e>d cE|dB B/c/B/E/|GB E/E/G/B/|
A/A/a Ag|e/f/e/c/ AE|dB B/c/B/G/|A/A/e/c/ A:|

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A tune composed by Ruth, the bouzouki & guitar player with the Kiev-based ITM band Run (roon)
Decoherence is some complex phisical process, I actually do not know exactly what is the essence of it. Ruth majors in the quantum theory of the field, it`s him who knows 🙂.
There may be some mistakes as I am not yet very good at ABC notation, I hope there are none.


Hey Viking

"Decoherence" an excellent tune submission! Is the composer’s name pronounced like "rooth", or with the "u" sound like in "rust"?

Best regards


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Viking, …………hmmm.. to my ears, this wee Polka has a kind of an Eastern European flavour to it, which is strange cause everyone knows Polkas come from KERRY! 🙂

Just funnin’ - it’s a grand wee tune & I, for one, shall enjoy playing it.

Very interesting to hear your band’s take on the Kerry Polkas – coals to Newcastle & back again 🙂:

It’s just a pity you don’t have an English version of your website!

Now I’m off to see if the Hornpipe ‘Yellow Submarine’ is on file here!

Good Luck

On Decoherence

Yet, there are two small mistakes I found in the
sheetmusic: there are high "a" and "g" in the two groups of sixteenth notes instead of A and G. I corrected it in the ABC.

2 Laitch
Yes , composer`s name is pronounced like "rooth" or just "root" - the russian version of his nick.

As for Eastern European flavour - that`s funny… actually he didn`t have any intention to do that - just composed the tune. It is as it is 🙂.
The English version of the site is coming soon.
It is just left to post it on the hosting. It`s ready allright.

"Decoherence" & "Quantum Decoherence" ~ drone wave influence

K: a minor
|: c/B/ |
Ae Ad | B/c/B/A/ BE | GB EG/B/ | d/e/d/c/ BA/^G/ |
A/A/e Ad | B>c BE | GB EG/B/ | A2- A :|
|: B/^G/ |
|:Aa A/A/g | e>d cE | dB B/c/B/E/ | GB E/E/G/B/ |
A/A/a Ag | e/f/e/c/ AE | dB B/c/B/G/ | A/A/e/c/ A :|

"In quantum mechanics, quantum decoherence is the mechanism by which quantum systems interact with their environments to exhibit probabilistically additive behavior - a feature of classical physics - and give the appearance of wavefunction collapse. Decoherence occurs when a system interacts with its environment, or any complex external system, in such a thermodynamically irreversible way that ensures different elements in the quantum superposition of the system+environment’s wavefunction can no longer interfere with each other. ~ "

Collapsing toward the confluence of A & E… 😉

Dual defs ~ Accident & Emergency?


Nice variations and necessary note on the title!
The composer himself didn`t see all that yet.
Soon I`ll discover it to him 🙂.