The New Brunswick slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: The New Brunswick
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:g|b2 g dcB cBA f2 g|agf e2 f g2 B d2 g|
b2 g d2 B cBA f2 g|fed cBA G3 G2:|
|:c|B2 c dcB cBA f2 g|agf e2 f g2 B d2 c|
B2 c d2 B cBA f2 g|fed cBA G3 G2:|

Four comments

"The New Brunswick Jig / Slide" ~ simple and sweet

I love this tune, it is a joy ~ simple, straight forward and sweet, and it comes from New Brunswick. If anyone out there has another name for it or further information I’d be pleased to know. This transcript is based on the playing of the New Brunswick fiddler Gerry Robichaud with little fiddling on my part… 😉

Good tune! Do you think the original was 12/8?
I heard a record of Ned Landry "Playing Off She Goes" with the great title, "Off She Goes To Miramichi" It scans so well.

As often happens with older tunes, including slides and the whole family of single jigs, they were written out as 6/8, but I feel the modern practice of writing out some of these tunes in 12/8, such as slides, where the phrasing is strongly supported by that structure, is a good way to write and display them, so I’ve gone for that modern take on it for this lovely Canadian single jig ~ which flies beautifully as a slide too… Gerry Robishaud’s fiddling supports that decision as well…

I’d love for you to transcribe that take on "Off She Goes" for us all and put it in the comments for that tune, or if it is drastically different enter it anew. I’d love to see it and give it a try… Let me know if you do it…

12/8 tune: The new Brunswick


I’ve just joined The Session. I’ve mainly played traditional English music and am now researching Canadian tunes.I just discovered this, which was posted 8 years ago!

What kind of tune is in 12/8? It’s not exactly a standard jig nor a waltz. Beautiful indeed, but it is The New Brunswick …what?