Peggy On The Settle reel

Also known as Bessie On The Settle, Boil Your Breakfast Early, Kitty Clover, Peggy On The Seattle.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Peggy On The Settle
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:egfd e~A3|edBd e~A3|egfd e~A3|BGdc BGBd:|
edef g2 ag|edef gdBd|edef g2 ga|bgaf gdBd|
edef g2 ag|edef gdBd|gdBd g2 ga|bc'ba gfed|

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Peggy on the Settle

I got this tune at the end of May this year from a banjo workshop at the Fleadh Nua. It sounds to me like a version of the reel "In and Out the Harbour" though the second part is considerably different.
I’ve also seen the tune in a book of tunes by Leo Rowesome (I think) so it’s probably an old tune. I could be very wrong on that, depending on when that book was published.

When I got the tune, the banjo teacher spelt it "Peggy on the Seattle". I don’t really know what that is but I stuck it in as an alternative title. What’s a settle anyway?

Nice tune

Nice tune, I like it a lot. I think a settle is some type of furniture, maybe like a footrest? Dunno. Good tune though, we play it capo 5 up in D, just because.

A piece of furniture

in Belfast a settee is a common word for a sofa,so i would interpret this as a suggestive title!

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Yes, they’re called settee down here in Dublin though more commonly as couches. I’m presuming it’s some furniture too and probably an old word for a very common type of seat or something.

Pegg in the Settle

Learned this tune at the Phil Murphy Weekend in Carrick on Bannow, Co. Wexford, two weeks ago from the wellknown whistleplayer Séan Ryan. He played it in E Dorian and told us, this was the old version of Drowsy Maggie.
A settle is an old fashioned chair with a long wooden seat and a high back and arms, often with a box for storing things under the seat.
Nice tune, but can’t see any similarity with Drowsy Maggie, so far.

Reminds me of "Merry Sisters of Fate." A bit different though.

Old English ‘setl’ = a seat. Can also mean a Bench.
Maybe Peggy was dancing on top of the bench.
Fiddlers’ Companion has the alternate title (As Gaeilge):
‘Mairgreadin Air An Suideacan’

Settle down

Many Irish cottages had a niche in the main room in front of the hearth which accomodated the settle(bed). This could be drawn out at night and was used by the parents who had the warmest and dryest spot in the house, The bedding was stowed away in it during the day. Interestingly, some of the settles didint have the extending bit so the people slept sitting up - which with TB on the rsampage may have been easier than lying down. If you’re in the Castlebar area do visit The Museum of Country Life, a fascinating place and all will be discribed

A *Welsh settle* is a high-backed wooden bench, with storage cupboards built in under the seat. I don’t know whether such things were once commonplace elsewhere in the British Isles.

peggy on the settle/the shepherd’s daughter/the merry sisters of fate

You’d be hard put to start the first without the rest of the session trying to play the other two!

There’s a version of this in O’Neills which I prefer. I learnt the tune ages ago, loved it, but couldn’t get my lot out of their merry sisters habit, so I just gave up! I am going to try again in 2013. You have to persevere with people!

Re: Peggy On The Settle

i`ve seen the merry harriers played as peggy on the settle….lovely turn into the second part.