The Compledgegationist jig

Also known as Eoin Dillon’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Compledgegationist
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
A|:Bfg fdc|B3 edc|Bfg fdc|Bfg d3|
Bfg fdc|B3 edc|edc B2G|1 AGF G3:|2 AGF GFD||
E3 EFG|FdB AFA|(3Bcd e efg|1 fdB AFD:|2 fdf e3||
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A great tune from Kila, which is(unfortunately) such a controversial band. Anyway, facing the tradition, that piece stands like a worthy one, and deserves to be known.

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Good tune. So who’s the composer?

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How on Earth do you pronounce it?

by "from kila" I mean composed by them.

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Surely not composed by all seven of them together? Don’t the liner notes credit one or two people specifically?

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Oh,sorry. the tune is from Eoin Dillon, who is (I think you know that) among other things the piper and whistler of the band.

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Ah, thanks…credit given where it’s due. I had a feeling this was a wind instrument tune.

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The Compledgegationist

The Compledgegationist is actually a set made up of 2 jigs: 1. O’Callaghan’s Flights of Fancy and 2. The Compledgegationist .


I’m guessing that Compledgegationist = cumplejugashunist, in an American accent at least. Also, what in the world is a compledgegationist?