One recording of
MacLaine Of Loch Buie
The Oyster Wife’s Rant

MacLaine Of Loch Buie (reel) is also known as Maclaine Of Lochbuie.

The Oyster Wife’s Rant (reel) is also known as Am Muileann Dubh, Black Mill, The Black Mill, Mary Elanor Cock His Hairs On’t, Moulin Dhu, Muhlin Dhu, The Muilean Dubh, The Muileann Dhu, Muileann Dubh, The Muileann Dubh, Muillean Dubh, The Muillean Dubh, Muilleann Dubh, Mulen Dugh, Mulin Dugh, The Mulindhu, Mullean Dhu, Mullean Dubh, The Mullean Dubh, The Mullin Du, Mullindhu, The Oyster Rant, The Oyster Wive’s Rant, The Oyster Wives Rant, Oyster Wives’ Rant, The Oyster Wives’ Rant, The Oyster Woman’s Rant.

Cape Breton Live - Take 2 by Various Artists

  1. Piob Mhor
  2. Editor’s Favourite
  3. Glentilt Lodge
  4. Traditional Laddie
  5. Scottsville
  6. MacLaine Of Loch Buie
  7. Muileann Dubh