The Earl Of Jura waltz

Also known as An T-Iarla Diùrach.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Earl Of Jura
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B B>A|B2 E>G F>E|E3 E G>A|B2 AG A<B|g2 f>g eB|
d2 eA A>G|G3 A B>A|B2 EG F>E|E4 B>d|
e2 Bg f>g|e3 G B>d|e2 B2 A>G|F3 E G>A|
B2 AG A<B|g2 fg eB|d2 eA A>G|G3 B B>A|B2 E>G F>E|E3:|

Five comments

“An t-Iarla Diùrach” / “The Earl of Jura” ~ a mournful air

Alright, it is my first ‘air’, I think, so forgive me if it doesn’t quite work as a waltz, but it is in 3’s. I did consider doing it in 3/2 but when I’d finished it was far to complex, so I wadded that version up and tossed it, missing the waste basket as I’m no netball whiz, and I’m too short for basketball.

Someone had requested this, and then I recieved a nice email from that someone, so I decided to contribute this friendly version of the air here at TheSesh, as I confessed, my first ‘air’, and ‘airs’ are particularly ornery when it comes to trying to tie them to their skeletal forms, whether ABC’s or the dots. I hope this is a reasonable attempt, or at least near to fair.

This lovely air can be played in a number of keys, starting low and growly and below the staff ~ a minor, b minor & d minor. A version in d minor can be found at Andrew Kuntz’s “Fiddler’s Companion”:
“The Earl of Jura” ~ K: d minor

I’m hoping Kenny or someone else will offer the tale of the lass and tha laird and the slight that gave this tune it’s tears… I have some accounts and lyrics in Gaelic and English, but it is always sweeter when someone else makes an effort to add their bit to this imperfect transcription. I also hope there will be other versions contributed in the future…

Earl of Jura

1,000,000 THANKS 🙂) Ceolachan - I am very grateful for this - fingers crossed it takes me back to the tune I fell in love with when when Angus Grant played it in Scotland. Will see if I can contact him direct about the tune.

Fiddler’s Companion states: Scottish, Canadian; Slow Air. Canada, Cape Breton. D Minor. Standard. One part. Angus Grant identifies the tune as the air to an old song said to have been composed by a lass who was in love with the Earl, a Campbell, although her love was unrequited. Atlantica Music 02 77657 50222 26, Lloyd MacDonald - “Atlantic Fiddles” (1994).

Thanks (years later)

Tis me who requested this air years ago - I have just played it and thought of kind you were to jot it down all those years ago. Thanks!