How Do Chickens Know The Size Of Eggcups? jig

How Do Chickens Know The Size Of Eggcups? has been added to 22 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: How Do Chickens Know The Size Of Eggcups?
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:dAF FEF|DFA dAF|Bee e2d|cAA A2e|
f2f fed|B2B Bcd|AdB AGE|EDD D3:|

Seven comments

My car radio is broken,so I made up this tune during a boring journey today.

An uninspiring, predictable tune with a dreadful name. Dont take it personaly - just an opinion.

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I kind of like this one. It’s light, cheerful, perhaps not terribly original, but certainly pleasant.

come on newty, in life and definitely in music its better to say nothing if you cant say something positive. all courage to people who post their own stuff.

90% of trad tunes are predictable, and a good many are similar to a good number of others (think of all the recyclings of the Drowsie Maggie motif)…it’s how we can remember so many of the buggers. Using that as a musical criticism in this genre makes as much sense as saying ‘all blues tunes sound the same’. If you want unpredictability, listen to Stockhausen. As for names, it sure beats gann ainm. There are lots of little ditties out there that I don’t care for but which have nevertheless stood the test of time and are played and enjoyed regularly by people, but fortunately I’m not in charge so we all get to write, play, and listen to whatever fills our respective cups.

I reckon this tune would make a good little building block in a set. Give the man a break.

One of my favorite tunes

I learned this after reading a thread on Unusual Tune Names. It has become one of my favorite tunes that I know. I wish all my mates knew this one.

Re: How Do Chickens Know The Size Of Eggcups?

Interesting tune name to say the least.