Gan Ainm reel

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Gan Ainm
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|eAAB cBcd|eAAB ~c3d|eAAB cBcA|GDGA BABd:|
eaag ageg|eaag ~a3g|eaag agBA|GDGA BABd:|
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X: 2
T: Gan Ainm
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gdor
Gzdz d2Gz|d2cz fzcz|Azcz dzcz|AzAz fzAz|
Gzdz d2Gz|d2cz fzaz|c'zgz fzcz|FzAz G4:|

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Nice tune,I think.

The one you play when you have no more idea on the moment, ‘cause you’ll never forget it.

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(if anyone has the name of that!)

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Are you sure you didn’t compose it?

wait a minute… yes I am, anyway my compositions are too good to be here!!!

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Oh. Okay.

Common NixNox, this isn’t a COMP, this is an old war horse of a single reel and I’d be surprised if this wasn’t already here in some form or other. The name escapes me at the moment, the bane of dyslexia (it is good to have something other than ‘age’ to blame), but it is familiar, if in a slightly different form. If I can put some time aside I’ll do a search, but expect slainte or someone else with memory that works on demand maybe beat me to this one…

Nice that Mister Ed is with us here on site. I would have thought they’d have put him down and sold him for dog food and glue. Damn, he’s in Brittany, so steaks and burgers then… πŸ˜‰

I like the European slant on the name, from Mister Ed to misterzede, adding a bit of zip to the ol’ horse eh?

Hey, I saw the French dubbed version so I know someone over there will know what this is about, but just in case, here is a link:

It sounds vaguely like Scotch Mary and the Ashplant and their fling variants G>A|B>E E>D E>F G>A|B>E E>D G3A|B2 B>A (3Bcd e>d|c>B A>G A2 G>A|…

Don’t like that B-part, sorry, even if it is a warhorse.

The A-part’s also a bit like one of the John Stenson tunes.

Love the A-part tho’ πŸ™‚

I must learn not to be so negative about tunes. I should have said that I like the A-part and just left out the bit about not liking the B-part because what’s the point?

FWIW I’d find sth like this more pleasing to the ear:

|:eaag eA (3Bcd|eaag ~a3g|eaag eA (3cBA|GDGA BABd:|

It is ticklin’ my mind, I know this thing, though something isn’t quite right. I did a quick search on the Internet, three keys and a couple of variants, not thurough, and as it is that familiar I suspect I have it in old-style (Sean Nos) abc’s… πŸ˜‰

I’ll continue that search. I only wish you’d left some of that wine for me putrified carpet… (Got that one from watching too much C.S.I. stuff.)

Thanks to you all…

for the research… I need some for that tune. It comes from a friend who has without a doubt about 3000 tunes dancing in his head. But I don’t see him anymore. About misterzede now, I don’t know your Mister Ed ceolachan, but that pseudo comes from a band which name is Raoul Petite, a song talking of a magician who turns serial killer…but this is not my vocation. I just like the name. N.B, sorry you can imagine that was just a joke, maybe that I should not take that tone on the session. ceolachan, if you manage to find this tune it would be great, cos I know that I simplified it.
P.S. Am I the only French here?

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Non! You are not alone misterzede, just listen to the voices in your head… By the way, what ‘tone’? All tones are acceptable where music is concerned, to deny one would be to place unacceptable limits on the music, n’est pas? 😏

There’s something in this tune which brings to mind ‘Within a Mile of Dublin’ its in the first three bars in both ‘A’ & ‘B’ music.
How many bars are there within amile of Dublin??

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How many bars ?

Hundreds, maybe thousands ! πŸ™‚

[ I’d heard that similarity too, hetty. ]

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C’mon now folks, if Kenny can’t even give us a name and some anecdotes for this one, surely it’s a new composition and not a warhorse? Might have been influenced by one or two warhorses tho’…

It could be a warhorse full of mistakes. It would be nice if the person who posted it would tell us where/from whom the tune came.

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Nah. C’mon Kenny, I could take a warhorse and change the key and substitute every other note for a quaver rest and play it back to front and you’d still pick it πŸ™‚

Okay, let’s test my theory: what’s this?

X: 1
T: Gan Ainm
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Gdor
Gzdz d2Gz|d2cz fzcz|Azcz dzcz|AzAz fzAz|
Gzdz d2Gz|d2cz fzaz|c’zgz fzcz|FzAz G4:| etc…

I forgot to play it back to front πŸ˜€

Who luves yuh guys? I did give it a little time, but I just ended up in all those hundreds of thousands so far, and then, before really getting serious about finding it, the second ‘gan ainm’ was posted with even less information, not even an"

"It comes from a friend who has without a doubt about 3000 tunes dancing in his head. But I don’t see him anymore."

Is this your main source? Did you really count them all up to 3,000? If this was a ‘friend’, surely you are still in contact with them? Maybe you could get in touch and collect more information and better transcripts than the partially remembered?

I am being converted to the earlier suggestion that these tunes might be Zede’s own compositions and he is just wanting confirmation before giving them a name… But I remain open, maybe he can prove for us it is otherwise ~ with more useful information, and doing a little of the work himself before asking us to do it for him… It was the second ‘gan ainm’ twisting my gut as I played through it that has me convinced the snotty kerchief may have had it right in the beginning…

"Are you sure you didn’t compose it?"

Yer right NoxBla, I’m too soft… πŸ˜‰

Guys, please chill out a little bit. Is it possible a tune could be traditional even if you haven’t heard it before? Maybe it’s old, maybe it’s new. Regardless, you have to take Mr. Z at his word that he learned it from his friend and this is how they play it and he doesn’t know what it’s called. Most of the tunes I play would fit that description. He only posted it a day ago, please give the rest of this community a chance to listen and perhaps even shed some light before you start casting aspersions! There are many, many other members here, from all parts of the globe, who have valuable information to contribute, if only you will give them the benefit of your patience.
Rant concluded. We now resume our regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

"The Prince’s Feather" ~ Zede’s ‘other’ gan ainm uncovered!!!

Submitted on August 17th 2006 by misterzede.

~ & further explanatory comment and enlightenment…

Hi Pat, thanks for the intermission. One rant deserves another for balance, thanks for that in both tunes. We’re just all in a mood and taking it out on poor ol’ Zede, our built up frustrations fizzing to the surface. I know we should be more understanding, patient and considerate. πŸ˜‰ (But so should contributors!) I have been doing work on this one by the way and haven’t given up on it, despite all the things it is similar to. It is familiar to me, and I don’t think it is all the many things it comes close to either. I do intend to continue to chase it further…