The Plausible jig

By Sean O’Driscoll

Also known as The Sorrowful Shilling, The Sorrowfull Shilling.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Plausible
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:EAA AGA|Bde ~g3|age dBG|BAB GED|
EAA AGA|Bde ~g3|age dBG|1 BAG A3:|2 BAG A2B||
|:~c3 ede|gag edB|GFG BAB|ege dBG|
~c3 ede|gag egd|Bcd eBd|1 cAG A3:|2 cAG Ace||
|:~a3 afa|ged efe|efg efg|~B3 GAB|
~c3 dcd|ede gab|age dBe|1 ABA Ace:|2 ABA A3||
X: 2
T: The Plausible
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
cBc dcd|ede gab|age dBe|ABA A3:|
~c3 dcd|ede gab|age dBe|ABA A3||
X: 3
T: The Plausible
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
G|:EAA AGA|cde ~g3|age dBG|~A3 GED|
EAA AGA|cde ~g3|age dBG|1 BAA A2G:|2 BAA A2B||
|:cBc ece|gec edB|G3 BGB|eBe dBG|
Bcc ece|gec edc|dee ede|1 cAA A2B:|2 cAA Ace||
|:a2a aba|gee e2d|efg edc|ABB GAB|
cBc dBd|ede g2b|age dBG|1 BAA A2b:|2 BAA A2G||

Thirteen comments

Again this mr Z!

But this time he tried to be exhaustive. Sorry everyboby (and dear ceolachan), one more tune coming from the abyss. The friend who taught me that gave me the name, not so bad. Not impossible that it was composed in France (or at least not in Eirin), ’cos it’s played by a very, very few people, but it happens, sometimes…

t looks like a pastiche to me, too, so maybe it is from France! The A part is nearly identical to the A part of the dorian version of Rakes of Kildare:

The last half of the C part is identical to the last half of the C part of one of the Pipe on the Hob tunes:
If you transpose it down a fifth, it appears in the A part sof Girl From the Big House and versions of Garrett Barry’s.

The B part also sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t place it.

Damn, you mean Doctor Frankenstein is alive and living in France? Whatever next, his composite human being too? ~ oh my, and the bride? Mind you, I liked her hairdo… 😉

Well, Ador jigs basically sound very similar.

I agree that the two first parts have some common structures, but the third one makes the difference.

Like good tunes, good fragments persist too and are often the seed to finding new forms, not always pleasing, but also, as our memories fade and our experience grows, sometimes things bleed from one thing to another, sometimes hobbled and clumsy ~ such is the compost and recycling inherent in traditional music ~ so few notes and such an endless amount of possibilities…good and bad… 😉

There’s always going to be some stinkers amongst the pearls, and some things just aren’t meant to last, but time is the one who makes that decision, and the comfort or clumsiness of any given string of notes. It is not a power any single one of us wields…

“The Pipe On The Hob” ~ another 3-part jig

As some suggestion of analysis has come into this, the 3rd part, well, first, bars 1 - 4 have little to do with bars 5 - 8, which is out of synch with most good tunes, and bars 5-8 are note for note a copy from:

The Pipe On The Hob ~ another 3-part jig
Key signature: Adorian
Submitted on May 25th 2001 by Jeremy.

C-part (3rd and last) bars 5 - 8 ~

cBc dcd | ede gab | age dBe | ABA A3 :|

& ‘repeating’ from the “Im-plausable Jig”:

~c3 dcd | ede gab | age dBe | ABA A3 ||

Sorry, but I in no way agree that ALL Dorian melodies, A or otherwise, “sound alike”… That’s a bit like saying all Major tunes sound, well, ‘Major’…and all minor sound ‘minor’… Yeah, that’s the nature of keys, like accent, but in each voice in Kerry the Kerry accent has an individuality about in timbre and use, we all sing the language in our own way…

Now where’s that case of Duff beer I’ve been saving for a time like this?

Re: The Plausible

I was just listening to Laurence Nugent’s album and he calls this The Sowwowful Shilling. Irish attributes this to Sean O’Driscoll I’ll post Larry’s version when I have it figured out.

The Plausible, X:3

This is pretty close to Larry Nugent’s version on Traditional Irish Music On Flute and Tin Whistle entitled “The Sorrowful Shilling” after “Kitties Rambles” on Track 2.

Re: The Plausible

According to the liner notes for Laurence Nugent’s album this tune was composed by Sean O’Driscoll.