Princess Louisa Sophie hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Princess Louisa Sophie
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
ge|:"G"d2 D2 D2 FG|"D7"AB cB "D"A2 cB|"D7"c2 D2 D2 FG|"D"AB cd "C"e2 ge|
"D"de "G"dB "C"cd "D7"cA|"G"Bc "Em"BG "D"A2 GF|"Em"EF "C"GA "Em"Bc "G"dB|"D"A2 (3GAF "G"G2 Bc:|
|:"G"dG dG "D"FG AB|"D7"cd cA "D7"c2 AB|"D7"cF cF "G"GA Bc|"D"de d^c "D"d2 "C"ge|
"D"de "C"cd "G"Bc "D"AB|"G"GB dg "C"e2 dc|"G"(3BAB "Em"(3GFG "D"(3AGA "D7"(3FEF|"G"GB dB "G"g2 Bc:|

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Don’t think so. I don’t see the title in either of my collections. It sounds like maybe one generation post-Carolan. More Mozart/Hayden influenced than baroque.

Thank you!

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I wrote this little tune for my daughter.
Indeed - I love the O’Carolan things and indeed - I am a little bit younger the he would be by now.


Took a while to own up to the composition, but hey it’s kinda nice.