Wynding The Hay reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Wynding The Hay
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:AcBA FGAf|~e2cf ecBc|AcBA FGAc|BeGA BEE2|
ebgb aecA|(3Bcd FA dfed|Bee^d eagf|1 ecdB A2 AG:|2 ecdB A2 A=G||
|:EA=GB A2 =GD|E=GD=G B,D(3DDD|EF=GE ABde|dBAB =GA(3B=cd|
ea=gb ab=ga|e=gde BA=GB|(3AB=c ef =g=ged|1 BA=GB A2 A=G :|2 BA=GB A3B||
|:A=GA=G EAAB|feB^G A3d|B=GEF =GA(3B^cd|e=gdB BABA|
A,2(3^CB,A, EABA|eABA fAe^c|dA(3B^cd ef=ge|1 dB=GB A3B:|2 dB=GB A3e||
|:a2c'a ba(3aaa|edcd eA(3Bcd|~=g3b a2Bc|dBBA GEE2|
ebgb aecA|(3Bcd FA dfed|Bee^d eagf|1 ecdB A3e:|2 ecdB A2AG||
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Two comments

I post this tune because of a discussion I saw, about the hard fiddle tunes. The last one before I leave Brittany… In fact, the parts B and C are in A dorian, but I couldn’t include any other header in the tune, so it’s just for ear. Liz Carroll took an old tune in two parts, modified it a little, and added two minor parts from her composition. The part B has a strange rythmic end that can’t be written in abc at my knowledge. Have fun…

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Why is this published with so many G naturals

Why not rewrite the key signature, it seems like A mixolydian so
D major would have been appropriate, but now I’m all confused