One recording of
Paddy Kelly’s
Rolling In The Ryegrass

Paddy Kelly’s (reel) is also known as Aggie Whyte’s, Aggie Whyte’s Chattering Magpies.

Rolling In The Ryegrass (reel) is also known as Kitty Lies Over, The Lady’s Top Dress, The Piper’s Lass, Roll Her In The Rye Grass, Roll Her In The Rye-grass, Roll Her In The Ryegrass, Rollin’ In The Rye Grass, Rolling In The Rye Grass, Rolling In The Ryegrass Highland Fling, Rolling On The Rye Grass, Rolling On The Ryegrass, Shannon Breeze, The Shannon Breeze, The Shannon Breezes.

Irish Music from the Hudson Valley by Dylan Foley and Dan Gurney

  1. Rolling In The Barrel
  2. Paddy Kelly’s
  3. Rolling On The Ryegrass