Eddie Duffy’s hornpipe

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Eddie Duffy's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dc|BGBd cBAF|Dfaf gedc|BG B/c/d cBAG|F/G/A EA D2dc|
BGBd cBAF|Dfaf gedc|B/c/d BG A/B/c AF|1 G2GF G2:|2 G2GF GABc||
dcBA Gaag|~f2d2 d2 e/f/g|agfe dgag|~f2d^c d2ef|
g3e f2fe|dfaf gedc|B/c/d BG A/B/c AF|1 G2GF GABc:|2 G2GF G2||
X: 2
T: Eddie Duffy's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:e/d>c|B>GB>d c>BA>F|D>fa>f g>e d2|B>G (3Bcd c>BA>G|F>AE>A D2 (3edc|
B2 (3Bcd c>BA>F|D>f (3agf g>ed>c|B>dB>G A>c (3AGF|G2 G2 G3/2:|
|:A/B>c|d2 (3cBA (3GAG a>g|(3fgf d2 d2 (3efg|a>gf>e d>gb>g|f2 d>^c d2 e>f|
g2 g>e f2 f>d|d>fa>f g2 (3edc|(3Bcd B>g c>AF>D|G2 (3GGG G3/2:|

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More from Eddie Duffy

Thanks Slainte for posting many tunes I would actually take the trouble to learn. So, here’s another from Eddie, recalled from the distant past and originally learned from a tape of a few tunes I recorded from Hammy Hamilton god-knows-when. I used the “Hidden Fermanagh” book to help with the bars I had difficulty remembering. By the way, anyone who doesn’t have the book and CDs, is missing out on some great material. I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie on two occasions. One memorable night was when the RTE people arrived in MacKenzie’s pub in Boho to record some Fermanagh music for “The Long Note” programme. Great night’s crack indeed.

Good one.

Nice one, Longnote. I think this was the last tune from the Hastings / O’Donnell tape played for us students at the Willie week in the early 80s. Shame there’s no more from that recording.
I heard you met up with Mich recently.
All the best, kenny

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Thanks for the follow-up, Long Note. Nice to learn another lovely tune from the north.

Other Eddie Duffy tunes

Kenny, I did see Mich this summer in Copenhagen, but the Sunday session was brief due to the World Cup and I had to leave the next day. Great to see him and the other lads. It had been a few years. For those interested in other Eddie tunes, I posted his version of “Lannigan’s Ball” in the comments section of that jig some time ago. Also, barndances have been posted associated with Eddie’s brother, Jemmy, a melodeon player.

Eddie Duffy & Mick Hoy, both great characters, but it brings a tears to my eyes remembering all those lovely old flutes Eddie had in his sink soaking, and drawers full of fractured fragments ~ kindling… 😏