Three recordings of
The Connemara Stockings
Billy Brocker’s

The Connemara Stockings (reel) is also known as Boston Rattlers’, Connamara Stockings, The Connemara Stocking, The Galway, Hobb’s Favourite, Kilrush Races, The North West, Redican’s, Úlla Geimhridh, Winter Apples.

Billy Brocker’s (reel) is also known as Billy Banker, Billy Bocker, Billy Brocker, Billy Brockers, Billy Bunker’s, Billy Bunter’s, Booby Dees, The Budgie On The Griddle, The Castle, Crowley’s, Crowleys, Mary Bergin’s, O’Rourke’s Favourite, Vajayjays.

Dísirt Tola : Traditional Music From Clare And Dublin by Various Artists

  1. Connemara Stocking
  2. Billy Brocker’s
  3. Listowel Lassies

Irish Whistles by Various Artists

  1. The Cottage In The Glen
  2. Billy Brocker’s
  3. Connemara Stockings

My Love Is In America by Shaskeen

  1. Unknown
  2. Billy Brocker
  3. Connemara Stockings
  4. Sean Conway Solo On F Whistle