Land’s End slip jig

By Michael Rooney

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Five comments

A composition of Michael Rooney. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. BEAUTIFUL tune. The tune is actually in d minor and I originally learnt it that way on the fiddle but my friend sort of threatened me so I transposed it to e minor and I found out that it sits much better in this key than the original… Sorry Michael!



Heard Michael Rooney and June McCormack play this at the Scoil Eigse concert in Letterkenny last Tuesday. Fabulous tune and absolutely gorgeous on a flute

And now in the right key!

Sorry FV, I prefer it in the original D Minor on my accordion. Here it is in that key:

X: 1
T: Land’s End
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
R: slip jig
K: Emin
E3 EDB, DEG | A3 AGA Bde | g2 e edB dBA |1 A3 AGA BGF :|2 A3 AGA Bde ||
g2 e edB d2 g | f3 fef agf | g2 e edB dBA |1 A3 AGA Bde :|2 A3 AGA BGF |]

i play it on the harp and find that I like it much much better in Dminor. but, whatever you like

The right key…..

They recorded it in D minor with June playing her Olwell C flute, a step down from the usual D flutes used by most of us for session playing. If one uses the same fingering on a D flute, the tune comes out in E minor, of course.