Le Tourment jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Le Tourment
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:"F"~A,3 A,B,C|"C"G,CB, CEF|"Dm7"G2 GGFE|FED EDC|
"F"~A,3 A,B,C|"C"G,CB, CEF|"Dm7"GFE FED|1 "G"G,CB, C2 B,:|2 "G"G,CB, "C"C3||
|:"C"CG,C DG,D|EG,F EDC|"F"~A,3 FEF|"G"~G3 GAB|
"Am"~c3 ~G3|"Em"~A3 ~E3|"F"FED EDC|1 "G"DCB, G,A,B,:|2 "G"DCB, CDB,||

Six comments

Composed by…

I can’t read ABC (slap my hand). but I assume this is the jig by Jean-Paul Loyer that is usually matched with his Marche au Camp?

Composed by…

I got it from the Liz Doherty album "Quare Imagination". I’m not sure who composed it.

Le Tourment

Yes, John Paul Loyer is the composer of this tune. Liz Doherty says in her comment, that this is a French Canadian tune in origin. We play it in G mayor after the "White Petticoat".

Jean-Paul Loyer

Vous trouverez ‘Le Tourment’ sur le disque OJNAB (Banjo) de compositions originales de Jean-Paul Loyer.
Loyer a joué avec Pete Sutherland et André Marchand sur ‘Détournement Majeur’ et avec ‘Les Frères Labri’ (Loyer, Mirandette, Miron et Marchand).
Il est un génie compositeur. OJNAB est son chef-d’oeuvre.

Le Tourment

I love this tune. James Keelaghan recorded this on his last album, "A Few Simple Verses." He adds in to the end of his version of Jack Haggerty and it’s very nicely done.