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Self Composition

This is my second self composition I’ve posted. I’ll be sure to keep my self composition : original tune ratio to no more than 1/5 of my total tune submissions.

I was really annoyed one night when I was just about to hop into bed. I was really tired and my brother had went in for a shower. The shower makes a very loud noise which annoyed me and he refused to leave it until the morning. Well, in the 10mins I had free, I was inspired to write a new tune and this is what materialised just out of my head, nearly at random. Within 20mins, the tune was arranged. I didn’t find it particulary easy to play though! Anyway, this was about 4-6 weeks ago and I didn’t submit it until I was fully happy with it and I still had to come up with a name.

I was watching highlights of the “Lurgan Park Rally” yesterday so I decided to name the tune after the park, which has hosted many great battles between the best drivers from the British Isles for the past few decades.

Lurgan park Co. Armagh??

that’s where i’m from…
smal world…..
small internet i suppose

Alternative Bar 12

Bar 12 is a bit more difficult than I’d like so I’m amending it. It’s now:

|agab aged|

Feel free to play it the other way too though.

Re: Lurgan Park

Cracking tune!

Re: Lurgan Park

I have fond memories of the park in my teenage years as a place to go on long summer evenings with various lassies.