The Limerick slide

Also known as Pat Hanley’s, Pat Hanley’s No. 2.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Limerick
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DEF GAB e2 ^c A2 G|FAF EFE DFA d2 A|
DEF GAB e2 ^c A2 G|FGF DEF G3 G3:|
BcB B2 A BcB B2 A|G3 BAG A2 G E2 D|
BcB B2 A BcB B3|GFE FED B3 B3|
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X: 2
T: The Limerick
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BdB {Bc}B2A BdB {Bc}B2A|~G3 BAG A2G E2D|BcB {Bc}B2A BcB {Bc}B2A|GFE FED B3 B3|

Seven comments

The Limerick

This is a very odd tune, from Paddy Taylor’s “Boy In The Gap” LP on the Claddagh label. It is basically 2 blocks of 4 bars of music, let’s refer to them as A and B. The first time through, Paddy plays AABA, but if he were to repeat this, the A part would be played 3 times in a row – a bit boring. So he subsequently plays the A part only twice before going on to the B part again, which effectively makes the tune AAB = 12 bars of music, not 16 as would be expected. I’ve transcribed it as 12 bars. This tune, with Paddy Taylor’s recording as the source, has been included in Breandan Breathnach’s 3rd volume of “Ceol Rince na hEireann” as AABA, but as he tended to transcribe his tunes from 1 unique rendition of a tune only, I think he’s taken Paddy’s playing of it the first time round , without referring to how he plays it the 2nd and 3rd times. To further confuse things, he finishes off with the A part.

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interesting c#: are we in G Lydian? many fidllers and pipers (incl. scottish pipers) of old would have featured these: Padraig O’Keeffe, Willie Clancy, etc

Is this the same tune as is on Caen Ryan’s album: Minstrel’s Fancy? I was listening to it today and I really liked the tune. it said it was a waltz, though.

Completely different tune.

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Pat Hanley’s No. 2

Originally posted as a duplicate. As played by Paddy Taylor (minus ornamentation) on CD 1, track 8 of "It Was Mighty", after "Pat Hanley’s No. 1" ("Taylor’s Fancy"). Did not include variation although Paddy certainly plays it differently each time.

Re: The Limerick

I’ve been thinking about this tune lately and about how it may not be quite as "weird" in retrospect. There’s a recording on YouTube of Donegal fiddler John Doherty playing a version of "Drowsy Maggie" which, along with having a B-part particular to Donegal, consistently has 24 bars of music instead of 16 or 32 by repeating the B-part and not the A-part. His brother Mickey, on the other hand, plays it as a single 16-bar reel. I think Paddy playing "The Limerick" as a 12-bar slide is rather equivalent to John Doherty’s playing of an ABB 24-bar reel in order to minimize repetition. Granted this is much more unusual in slides than reels (why?).

Also I’m not sure if this is actually in G major. I’m thinking it could be in D with a shift to G in the first four bars of the B part, but it seems to go back to D toward the end. There are other D tunes that end on G - "The Banks of the Illen", for example.