Two recordings of
Ray’s Classic
John Brosnan’s

Ray’s Classic (polka) is also known as Metro, The North Cregg, The Race Classic, Roy’s Session, Tina Lech’s, West Clare, The West Limerick, Willie Hunter’s.

John Brosnan’s (polka) is also known as Brosna No.2, The Brosna, Brosnan’s No.2, Dan Callahan’s, John Brosnan’s, Johnny O’Leary’s, Johnny O’Leary’s #2, Johnny O’Leary’s No 2, Johnny O’Leary’s No. 2, Johnny O’Leary’s No.2, Michael John’s, Nell Fee’s, Nell Fees, Nell Fees’, The Newmarket, Pa Paddy O’Sullivan’s, Sean Hennigan’s, Timmy O’Connor’s.

A Glass and a Mile by Alistair Russell & Chris Parkinson

  1. Timmy O’Connor’s
  2. The Race Classic

Paleontology by Beyond The Pale

  1. Eoin Murphy’s
  2. Brosna
  3. The Race Classic
  4. An Spailpin Fanach