Noble Squire Dacre waltz

Also known as The Nobel Squire Dacre, The Noble Squire Dacre.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Noble Squire Dacre
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B2~BA G2|G2 D2 G2|G2~GA B2|A2~A2 G2|
c2~cB A2|AE~E2 A2|c2~c2 e2|e2~ef G2|
B2~BA G2|G2 D2 G2|G2~GA B2|A2~A2 G2|
c2 e2 c2|d2~de f2|g2 d2 B2|A2~A2 G2:|A2~AG A2||
|:B2 GA BG|d2 GA BG|B2 GA BG|d2 GA BG|
c2 AB cA|e2 AB cA|c2 AB cA|e2 f2 g2|
B2 GA BG|d2 GA BG|b2 GA BG|d2 GA BG|
c2~ce c2|d2~de f2|g2 d2 B2|A2~AG A:|A2~A2~A2||
X: 2
T: Noble Squire Dacre
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B2>A2G2|G2>F2G2|G2>A2B2|A4 G2|c2>B2A2|A2>B2A2|c2<e2c2|e2 f2g2|
B2>A2G2|G2>A2G2|G2>A2B2|A4 G2|c2>e2c2|d2 e2f2|g4 B2|A4 G2:|
|:B2 GABG|d4 G2|B2 GABG|d4 G2|c2 ABcA|e4 A2|c2 ABcA|e2 f2g2|
B2 GABG|d4 G2|B2 GABG|d2 c2B2|c2 e2c2|d2 e2f2|g4 B2|A4 G2:|

Ten comments

Noble Squire Dacre - First, corrections of the sheet music

As usual I put the ABC’s in at random, and while I was busy reshuffling them some mistakes got into the sheet music, namely:
The G in bar 8, first part, should be high, not low;
The A in bar 9, second part, should be low, not high;
The B in bar 11, second part, should be low, not high.

- This apart from any massacre of the tune itself.

Many of the bars of this tune are best, or well, begun with dotted crotchets, which I’d hoped would appear. The odd bar ought really to begin with a minim. Attach no significance to the curly jobs, I haven’t a clue how they got there though I suppose I ought to find out.

I think I’ve made a rather better job of the ABC’s, which I may adapt if noxious blanket and other Northumbrian musos catch up with me.

After all that, it’s a fine old Northumbrian tune which is an air, not a waltz, best played slowly. Apart from the pipes it goes well on the concertina and melodeon.
The Dacres were a prominent family of the Cumberland end of the Anglo-Scottish border. I don’t know which individual Dacre this tune commemorates, if any.

Lovely tune! I’m afraid your transcription does it no justice though. Please take the time to do this before you submit, and then check your work through. No need to rush it. I suggest you use this: to practise your abc by trial and error. Then when you’ve transcribed a tune you can use it as a tool to preview how the sheetmusic is going to appear. Good luck.

The Northumbrian Piper’s Tune Book

Agree with ‘Nox’. Nicholas! you refer to the Northumbrian Piper’s Tune book (of which I have a copy) and the transcription is in there. It would really pay you to get your ABC sorted out before submitting as you may mislead others.

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It should also be written as 6/8. In fact the first note in many of the bars is a dotted quaver.

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Not to dirsregard its merits as an air, but, by dropping a few notes and pushing up the tempo, it could also be (and probably has been) turned into a nice jig.

How to spoil a notable tune I think. Just as bad as playing it as a waltz.

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Re: Noble Squire Dacre

This tune reminds me of Keelman, especially in the underlying harmony and the 6-7-8 (submediant - leading tone - tonic) half ending.