Two recordings of
Pointe Au Pic
Reel De Montreal

Pointe Au Pic (reel) is also known as Le Reel De Pointe-au Pic, Point Au Pic, Pointe A Pique, Pointe-Au-Pic, Reel A Pointe-Au-Pic, Reel De Pointe-au-Pic.

Reel De Montreal (reel) is also known as G D, Reel De Montréal, Reel De Sherbrooke, Reel Des Jeunes Maries, Reel Montreal, Sherbrooke, The Sherbrooke.

Plums in the Cooler by Patti Lamoureux

  1. Pointe Au Pic
  2. Sherbrooke

Super Tonic by Elixir

  1. Reel De Montreal
  2. Pointe A Pique