Fleshmarket Close reel

By Michael Grey

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fleshmarket Close
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:Bd|eAAA GABd|eeed edBA|dGGG dGBd|eddd edBG|
eAAA GABd|eeed edBA|dGBd edBd|eAAA A2:|
Bd|eAAA aAAg|gAfd eAAA|dGGG dGBd|eddd edBG|
eAAA aAAg|gAfd eAAA|dGBd edBd|eAAA A2Bd|
eAAA aAAg|gAfd eAAA|dGGG dGBd|eddd edBG|
eAAA GABd|eeed edBA|dGBd edBd|eAAA A2||

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Fleshmarket Close

Following a request here is Fleshmarket Close, a Scottish Pipe Reel. The second part ends with the second line of the first part and there is a short cut of writing this but I don’t know how to do that in ABC so you have it in full.

Ornamentation suggestions (ways it was “suggested” to me to play) would include obvious things like adding a role where there are three notes the same (eg the 3 As at the start). Cran the 3 d’s. Where you get those high g’s next to each other in the second part tie them. I would have written it in but the sheet music I have doesn’t have it written in. If there are 2 identical notes together (eg 2 low A’s) cut them. Ultimately you can not tongue on the pipes so pipe ornamentation will have cuts between any identical notes to seperate them. There is no need to be as strict if you are not playing the pipes but an authentic sound will always be best (I think).

Well done.

Thanks for posting this, Alistair. “Tannahill Weavers” have it as “traditional”, but it doesn’t sound that old to my ears. Any information on composer ? I’ll need to have a trawl through the pipe band CDs. If I come up with anything, I’ll get back.

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Composer of Fleshmarket Close

This tune was actually written by J. Allan. Michael Grey wrote the 3rd & 4th parts. You can hear an awesome performance of this tune on the 2006 World Pipe Band Championships Vol. 2 CD. I believe played by Robert Weisman Dairys/Vale of Atholl. Track 2. Giving credit where credit is due, Micheal Grey (former P/M of the grade I Peel Regional Police), has several books of great original as well as traditionals. Honestly, I like parts 3 & 4 the best.

Thanks Pipe Sgt. Would it be possible for you to ABC the 3rd and 4th parts into the comments here? I only have the first 2 parts so can not add them myself.

Many thanks,


Pipe Sgt.,

Are you sure it wasn’t the other way around with Michael Grey writing the first 2 parts and J Allan the 3rd and 4th? All references I can find to the tune, including pipe band sites list Michael Grey as the author. “The Half Tail” by Wolfstone lists Gray as the author too and credits Isa Music - and they only play the first 2 parts (and very quietly!! 🙁 )

I wrote Fleshmarket Close

Um …I wrote this tune in 1985 and it is published by ISA Music … I recently wrote two additional parts and all 4 parts are available in my 5th book of tunes, “Music for Everyone” (2006)…


its well recorded and is also on my last CD, “Shimla Hum” … enough about me.

Glad you like (though strictly speaking you guys are breaking copyright publishing this without permission) …regardless, enjoy…Michael Grey, www.michaelgrey.com

Fleshmarket Close

Thanks for the comments Michael and sorry for not asking first. If you want, the tune can be removed. I did not know the composer when posting it (although it was admittedly easy to find afterwards.)

I may just check out the book myself and learn the subsequent parts (although wouldn’t post them here without permission).

Anyway thanks for writing a great tune.