Hill 60 reel

By Finbarr Dwyer

Also known as Hill 16.

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Fourteen comments

From Finbarr Dwyer: Pure Irish Trad music on Button Accordion

I got this tune fron Finbarr Dwyer’s album “Pure Irish Trad Music on Button Accordion”. It’s in a stange key which I don’t think it technically Dmix but it’s fairly close, I think. It definitley sounds like a Finbarr Dwyer composition but have no confirmation of that, although I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is.

Well, I like the tune anyway. Enjoy!

60 or 16?

Marcas O’Murchu recorded this as Hill 16, which seems to be a typo.

Finbarr Dwyer Composition

I found an article on the net which gives info about the tunes that Gavin Whelan plays on his album “Another Time”. He says simply “Hill 16 is a composition of Finbar Dwyer”. No other information is given but that’s cleared something up that’s been in my mind for a while.

fair play to you paddy for adding this tune! up the dubs!

Hill 16

On Upper Gardiner street, Dublin, there lies a pub called ‘Hill 16’, in the entrance hall thereof is displayed an article printed in the Sunday Independent 24/4/94. Quotes it:
‘Hill 16: […] named after a section of the terracing at the nearby gaelic games stadium, Croke Park […] also commemorates an episode in Ireland’s struggle for independance […] Jack Charlton a regular’ there Colin Malam writes.

Does a Hill 60 actually exist? If so, I’ll leave it as is for the time being.


Hill 60 has to do with the WW I battles round Ypres, there is a museum there with the name Hill 62.

Hill 60/16

I have a friend who grew up in Dublin who gave me this story re: Hill 60. birlibirdie’s comment is closest to the crux of this matter. Originally the mound at Croke Park was called Hill 60, apparently because it was a mound 60 meters in size, according to Wikipedia. Wickipedia goes on to say that the name changed to Hill 16 when they enlarged it with the rubble of the 1916 Easter Uprising. (Probably a sugar coated version of the story). But my friend Sean O’Farrell says that actually there was a massacre that occured in 1916 on that Hill during a soccer game, and that’s why they changed the name to Hill 16.

Aye, but……

Did the person who put that information on Wikipedia know what they were talking about ?

Battle of Hill 60, WWI

Here’s a co-incidence: a Private Edward Dwyer (any relation?) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his courage during this slaughter…

Hill 60, X:2

Amazing twisty version of this tune based as close as I can from the album ‘A Quare Yield’ by Alan Reid & Rachel Conlan