One recording of
Reel For Carl
The Linen Cap

The Linen Cap (reel) is also known as Honorable Mrs. Maule’s, The Honorable Mrs. Maule’s, Honorable Mrs. Moll’s, The Honorable Mrs. Moll’s, Honourable Mrs. Maule, Honourable Mrs. Maule’s, The Honourable Mrs. Maule’s, The Honourable Mrs. Moll’s, Miss Maule’s, Miss Moll’s, Sheep Shank, Sheep Shanks, The Sheep Shanks, Sheepshanks.

Stepping Stone by Anita MacDonald

  1. Orkney Wedding March
  2. Miss Maule’s
  3. High D And G
  4. Margaret MacDonald’s Delight
  5. Papper’s
  6. Reel For Carl
  7. Wes And Maggie’s Ceili Croft