Two recordings of a tune named
The Lark In The Morning
With a tune named

The Lark In The Morning (jig) is also known as A Western Lilt, Fuiseog Ar Maidin, Ha’penny Bridge, The Ha’penny Bridge, The Humours Of Mullingar, Kelso Races.

Whelan’s (jig) is also known as Grainne Mhaoil, The Leitrim, Port Uí Fhaoláin, The Rookery, Tommy Whelan’s, Uí Fhaoláin, Waylon’s, Whelan’s Fancy, Whelan’s Frolics, The Wicked.

Champions Of Ireland: Flute by Grainne Kelly And Ciaran Madsen

  1. Ha’penny Bridge
  2. Whelan’s

It Was Great Altogether! ~ CD 1 of 3 by Various Artists

  1. Whelan’s
  2. The Lark In The Morning