The Diplodocus jig

By Liz Carroll

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Five settings

X: 1
T: The Diplodocus
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:B|cAA edb|cAA ABc|dff gfg|aee fed|
e|efe eed|cAB AGE|GGG EFG|GAG FDD|
efe eed|cAB AGE|DFF GFG|BAA A2 e|
efe eed|cAB AGE|fgg gef|gag fdd|
efe eed|cAB AGE|DFF GFG|BAA efg|
aAA Aaf|gfg efg|fdd def|gfg efd|
aAA Aaf|gfg efg|fdd fed|cAA Afg|
aAA Aaf|gfg efg|GGG GBd|gfg efd|
aAA Aaf|gfg efg|fdd fed|cAA A2|
X: 2
T: The Diplodocus
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
cAA edB|cAA ABc|def g3|a2e fed|
efe e2d|cAB AGE|g3 gef|g2g fed|
efe e2d|cAB AGE|DEF G2A|BAA A3:|
aAA Aaf|g3 efg|fdd def|g2g efg|
aAA Aaf|g3 efg|fed e2d|cAA A3:|
X: 3
T: The Diplodocus
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:B|cAA edB|cAA ABc|def gfg|aee fed|
|:z|efe e2d|cAB AGE|gag gef|gag fed|
efd eBd|cAB AGE|DEF FGA|BAA A2:|
|:z|aAA Aaf|~g3 efg|fdd def|~g3 efg|
aAA Aaf|~g3 efg|fed efd|cAA A2:|
X: 4
T: The Diplodocus
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:B|cAA edB|cAA ABc|dff ~g3|aee fed|
cAA A2G|EAA AGE|DEF ~G2A|1 BAA A2:|2 BAA Acd||
efe e2d|cAB AGE|~G3 GEF|GAG FED|
efe e2d|cAB AGE|DEF ~G2A|BAA A3|
efe e2d|cAB AGE|!slide!g3 gef|gag fed|
efd e2d|cAB AGE|DEF ~G2A|BAA Afg|
|:aAA Aaf|~g3 efg|fdd def|~g3 efg|
a2A Aaf|~g3 efg|fed efd|1 BAA Afg:|2 BAA A2||
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X: 5
T: The Diplodocus
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:B|cAA edB|cAA ABc|dff g3|aee fed|
|:e3 e2d|cAB AGE|G3 GEF|GAG FED|
e3 e2d|cAB AGE|DEF G2A|BAA A3|
eAe e2d|cAB AGE|!slide!g3 gef|gag fed|
e3 e2d|cAB AGE|DEF G2A|BAA Afg||
|:a3 aef|g3 efg|fdB Adf|g3 efg|
a3 aef|g3 efg|fed efd|1 cAA Afg:|2 cAA A2||
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Twenty-eight comments

The Diplodocus….

… as far as I know is a Liz Carrol tune. I like it very much. The GGG GBd variation of bar # 3 in part C should be used not too often in my opinion.

Abc correction

In bar two, the B following the D is a minor third below (within the staff); in bar six, the two A’s following the E are a fourth above (within the staff)… abc text is technically correct, and can be remedied in bar two with a capital B; and in bar six with lower case "a" followed by a comma. A lovely tune indeed.

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"sounds totally Scottish"

I played this tune at a rather strict Irish trad session, knowing it would probably be a solo effort (it was). The session leader commented that it sounded totally Scottish. I wouldn’t know, myself, I just like the tune. For me, it makes a nice big finale for a long jig set: Tobins, Tar Road to Sligo, Cliffs of Moher, then Diplodocus.

Sounds totally Mesozoic

That’s funny, if you played this at our local "rather strict Irish trad" session, they’d all be playing along with you, since it’s an old favorite for this area.

I like this tune, it’s fun for at home. I’d call it Amix rather than Dmaj though. Same key signature, but tonal centre at A rather than D.

For a really odd accompaniment idea, you could play in the C-part either the usual A-G-D-G or you could do something like A-C-Bm-C… It’s weird, but works.

This tune, with its funny endings and "xyy" pattern (one note followed by twice the same note) is redolent of Cathal McConnell’s Scotland-Ireland: , I find.

The Diplodocus…

…was a genus of diplodocide sauropodian dinosaurs that roamed the Kimeridgian and Titonian plains of the late Jurassic period (150-147 million years ago) in what is now North America.

No name

I learnt this jig from the "Coleraine’s set" recorded by Drantan, the band of the late Darach De Brun, heard on Myspace* today (2013, november the 2nd)
I did not find it anywhere else (neither tunepal nor the abc search in the tune finder here).
It is the second tune in the set preceded by The Coleraine ( and followed by Joe Derrane’s (

Sorry for the redundency…

I must have been very tired when, checking "The diplodocus" after it was identified by with 87% of liability, not to find it similar with the tune I was trying to identify. My apologizes…

… And thanks

Thanks to Jeremy for having merged my setting posted erroneously in a different new post with the original present one

Liz Carroll’s comments on her tune.

Liz spoke at a seminar/class on tune composition at O’Flaherty’s Irish Music Retreat in 2012. She urged people who might be composing tunes not to rush the process. She said she wrote the first two parts of The Diplodoccus in a trice, but realized they weren’t complete. They cried for another part. She put them aside and some EIGHT years later the third part came into her head. And here we are….. Great lady has given us a great tune. Hope I have quoted her accurately.

Re: The Diplodocus

Is it "Diplod - OH - cus" or "Dip - PLOD - ocus". I always said 2nd option as a kid but which is correct?

Re: The Diplodocus

Susan K said: "Is it "Diplod - OH - cus" or "Dip - PLOD - ocus". I always said 2nd option as a kid but which is correct?"

DIP - lo - DOH - cuss

Re: The Diplodocus

Both are acceptable

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Re: The Diplodocus

I just got back from a fiddle workshop with Liz and she stands by her pronunciation: DIP-lo-DOC-us. She said she named the tune before she learned the way that paleontologists pronounce the word. That’s Liz.

Re: The Diplodocus

Liz Carroll is very talented.

Re: The Diplodocus

Anyone know the story behind the name of this tune? Is it as simple as diplodocus being Liz’s favourite type of dinosaur, or is there more to it?

Re: The Diplodocus

The tune was completed during her son Patrick’s "dinosaur loving phase".

Re: The Diplodocus

Thank you Nigel.

Re: The Diplodocus

Wow! What an amazing tune! I just now heard Rachel Davis play it as the second jig in her set “The First Bar.” A real driving jig, for sure!

Re: The Diplodocus

Wow…playing this tune is a blast! I can’t get it out of my head.
I need to start listening to more of Liz Carroll..if there’s more of this where it came from I want it!